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The last oaks before the snowfall....Image from Maple Hill

The last few days before the snows....Such a beautiful fall.....

The Empress and Empress Rock ~ Each year, The Empress has a FALL SEASON picture taken on EMPRESS ROCK at the Biwabik Beach

A group of fall mushrooms in the early morning sun.....Soon,the snows.....Image ,south of Hibbing...

A watchful eagle atop a lone Spruce....Image south of Hibbing....

A garter snake enjoying the last few warm days of October before hibernating......

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The Empress and the Fire Training ~ The Empress MaeLi receives some of her firefighter training from Virginia Fireman Dave Hartman on Tuesday

trout lake off arrowhead trail grand portage mn

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big bull moose off gunflint trail, grand marais mn

moose feeding trail off gunflint--no moose just an old car.

See more at his site

See more at his site

See more at his site

See more at his site

See more at his site

See more at his site

The Empress and the Imperial Stairs ~ The Empress MaeLi takes a break from her photo shoot by resting on a set of stone steps at her Imperial …

This colorful frog blends in perfectly with the fall colors.