HIBBING — The Hibbing Municipal Junior League held its end-of-the-year scramble, with a total of 24 members taking part in the action.

The first-place team was made up of Ethan Aune, Joel Urdahl and Cal Grzybowski.

Jonas Benchina, Christian Massich and Allie Hagen placed second, and Tim Urdahl, Sam Baumgardner and Calub Brown placed third.

Aune won the marshmallow drive; Ava Sandnas won the long putt, and also hit the circle on No. 7. Closest to the line on No. 1 went to Maddison Ricco for the 9-11-year-olds, and Gavin Sandnas won it for the 12-17-year-olds.

The club would like to thank the following for their time to walk with each group: Joanne Baratto, Rox Cermak, Cathy Pforr, Jane Holland, Latisha Lautizi, Carter Anderson, Greg Baumgardner and Donna Simonson.

They would also like to thank the Muni Men’s League, the Muni Women’s League, Fraboni’s Walmart, Range Sports and McDonald’s for donating to the league, and thanks go to Tom Bittman, Betty Tintor and Emily Freeman for showing up every Monday and helping the kids out.

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