Golfers make strides at Owens Tourney

Jake Chamberlin (left) of Hibbing points to the direction of the third green for his son Bodi during the Ben Owens Junior Golf Tournament held Friday at the Mesaba Country Club. Bodi was competing in the Boys 6-8 Division.

HIBBING — Neither Dawson Peterson or Dylan Horvath had outstanding spring seasons on the Hibbing High School boys golf team, but the two sophomores-to-be, set out to work on their games.

It’s safe to say that there’s been marked improvement in the months since the season ended.

Peterson fired an 85 and Horvath an 87 to finish first and second in the Boys 15-16 Division, respectively, at the Ben Owens Junior Golf Tournament held Friday at the Mesaba Country Club.

Peterson, who actually won the 13-14 Division two years ago, shot a 45 on the front nine, then came in with a 40 on the back nine to claim the championship.

It was a far cry from the spring season.

“It was a rough season,” Peterson said. “I missed some of it during COVID, and I took a trip to Florida. I missed three weeks, so I only played in six or seven meets. It wasn’t a good golf season.

“It felt good to come out here and do this today.”

Peterson’s game needed a lot of work, which he did, but on the day before the tournament, he wasn’t sure what he was going to shoot.

“I had a slice to fix, so I worked on that all during the summer, so my game wasn’t too great,” Peterson said. “When I played Thursday, it wasn’t too great. I didn’t think I was going to do too well, so I came out here to have fun.

“I came out here today and finished strong. It feels good.”

Horvath echoed Peterson’s sentiments about his high-school season.

“I didn’t do well,” Horvath said. “I had to adjust my drives. They weren’t weren’t going far. They were slicing, so I tried to stay in my stance more and not fall out. I didn’t swing as hard.

“I feel like I’ve improved at least a little bit.”

Enough to shoot a 45 on the front and 42 on the back.

“My day was mediocre,” Horvath said. “I could have shot better, especially with my putts and drives, but overall, I did well. Dawson and I have been rivals for a while. It was fun playing with him.

“I tried to stay confident with my shots. I wanted to make sure I put them in the right spots.”

Finishing second, according to Horvath, was a big accomplishment.

“I usually don’t do well in these tournaments, so I feel I’ve improved quite a bit since last year,” Horvath said.

Ethan Aune finished third with a 102, Nicholas Ruzich was fourth at 111 and Christian Massich was fifth at 124.

In other results, Reese Harvey won the Boys 6-8 Division with a 36 after seven holes. Connor Anderson shot a 55, Bodi Chamberlin 60 and Leo Betters a 69.

In the Boys 9-10 Division, Ayden Anderson was first with a 94 through nine holes. Ty Siekkinen was second at 75.

In the Boys 11-12 Division, Cooper Lonson was first with a 54 in nine holes. Charlie Sherman was second with a 58, Will Haarklau third at 58, Finn Claugherty fourth at 69 and Parker Gilbert fifth at 69.

In the Boys 13-14 Division, Will Sherman was first at 81, followed by Eli Davich 84, Gavin Schweiberger 91, Nate Garksi 95, Marco Rolle 96 and Alex Anderson and Drew Bussey with 104s.

In the girls 9-10 Division, Ruby Betters was first with an 83 through seven holes. Lyla DeLawyer was second with a 62.

In the Girls 11-12 Division, Blayke Swanger was first with a 68 through nine holes.


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