VIRGINIA — Come Thursday, the newly-formed partnership between Tom Prittinen and Jake Seitz will be given its toughest test to date.

In just over two days, Virginia senior Prittinen and his freshman teammate Seitz will be taking on the best in Minnesota at the Class A State Boys Tennis Tournament in Minneapolis.

Head coach Jeff Mauston thinks the pair, which was just formed for the postseason, got a good draw.

“I think they got a team they can play with,’’ the coach said at practice Monday afternoon.

Prittinen, 18, added that it is about the best draw a section runner-up could get.

The opponent is Montevideo’s junior duo of Jared Saue and Taylor Landmark.

Mauston added that it’s always good not to have to play a private school in the first match because of their success rate at state. A private school could very well be waiting in the second round, however.

Prittinen and Seitz have only been playing together for a few weeks, but they already made a nice run to win true second at the Section 7A Tournament and qualify for state.

Prittinen said it was a little different this year without his former doubles partner Joey Skaudis, who graduated last spring. However, it was still satisfying to make state once again.

“It was pretty exciting for me,’’ said Seitz, 15, who feels they make a good pairing.

“When Tom is at the net, I just have to keep the ball in play,’’ Seitz said. “Tom’s really deadly at the net.’’

Conversely, “Jake’s really solid at the baseline,’’ Prittinen added.

Since sections, Prittinen and Seitz have been working on their doubles strategy.

Seitz is looking forward to “being able to play’’ for the first time in nearly two weeks and making it into the semifinals if they play good.

Prittinen and Skaudis captured fourth at state last year and the 2015 senior would like to get to the semifinals again and finish third or better.

Doing so would mean Prittinen would have to miss his graduation ceremony so he and his partner can continue to play on Friday.

If that turns out to be the case, Prittinen said he would have no regrets. He considers that a “good reason’’ to miss graduation, he added.


Prittinen and Seitz take on the Montevideo tandem at 10 a.m. Thursday. Win or lose, they would play again at 2 p.m., also at the Reed-Sweat Family Tennis Center.


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