'Jackets can't rest on laurels; set to take on Rails today

HIBBING — The Hibbing High School volleyball team might be 2-0, but the Bluejackets can’t rest on their laurels.

Hibbing coach Lauren Peterson knows success can be fleeting, so it’s imperative that the Bluejackets not take anything for granted.

That improvement must continue today when Hibbing travels to Proctor to take on the Rails, beginning at 7 p.m.

Peterson certainly isn’t satisfied with that 2-0 mark.

“We have to keep moving forward,” Peterson said. “The past is the past. It’s great to be 2-0, but let’s live in it for a little bit, then move forward.”

If there’s one thing Peterson has seen that needs to be improved it’s passing, defense and serve receive.

“That’s what is killing us,” she said. “We need to focus on that.”

So how have the Bluejackets been able to hang around in two games without those aspects of the game not hitting on all cylinders?

“That’s a good question,” Peterson said. “I think they’re making up for it at the front of the line, hitting the ball and tipping where they’re not.”

That’s another facet of the game Hibbing must adjust.

Against Mesabi East, the Bluejackets got a little tentative and hesitant. Instead of attacking hard, Hibbing got into a tipping game, which allowed the Giants to rally in games three and four.

“I want them to attack more than tip because when they attack the ball and they’re on, it’s so powerful,” Peterson said. “I remind them that they’re great hitters. They have the ability to hit, but they need to get a good contact person to get that confidence back up.

“I remind them to play their game and get out of their heads for a minute and just play.”

Sometimes, players have to fail to succeed and just because a hit gets blocked or is hit out-of-bounds, that’s no reason to give up on it.

“They have to get that out of their heads and understand that’s part of the game,” Peterson said. “They’re going to get some points. We’re going to get some points. They will make mistakes, and we’ll make mistakes. That’s OK.

“That’s a part of the game.”

Even though Hibbing got tested by Mesabi East, the Rails will be the Bluejackets’ biggest test of the season.

“It’s going to be a challenge,” Peterson said. “They have some strong hitters and a good defense. We have to be on our game, playing as a team.”


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