CHISHOLM — The Mesabi East boys’ swimming team had no problem racking up wins Thursday evening in the Chisholm pool, winning the first eight of 11 events on tap to cruise to a 52-34 win over the Bluestreaks.

The Giants picked up wins in two relays, got two individual wins from Cole Layman and used strong finishes down the line to outpace Chisholm.

Mesabi East’s four other wins came from Isak Schroeder, Logan Schroeder, Alex Leete and Mason Williams while the ‘Streaks picked up one relay win and individual wins from Carson Howard and Nathan Wangensteen.

For the Giants, Layman’s first win of the evening came in the 160 individual medley with the eighth grader putting down a time of 1:48.31. Zade Baker finished with a time of 1:57.45 for Mesabi East.

Layman earned his second win of the night in the 100 butterfly with a time of 1:03.43, beating out Chisholm’s Connor Massucci’s 1:28.96.

Howard’s win for the Bluestreaks came in the 100 backstroke with the senior stopping the clock at 1:11.40. Teammate Nathan Splinter was second at 1:24.10

Wangensteen’s win for Chisholm came in the next event with the senior taking the 100

breaststroke with a time of 1:27.28. Brent Dragony was next for Chisholm in second with a time of 1:34.69.

Williams’ win for the Giants came via the 200 freestyle where he finished first with a time of 2:09.23. Alex Leete was second with a time of 2:11.96. Leete later went on to win the 500 freestyle with a time of 5:45.467, a minute ahead of Splinter at 6:49.67.

Isak Schroeder took home first in the 60 freestyle for Mesabi East, stopping his time at 31.06. Logan Schroeder later won the 100 freestyle with a time of 52.66.

In the relays, Carter Steele, Baker, Danny Knapper and Isak Schroeder won the 160 medley relay for the Giants with a time of 1:33.96. The Mesabi East quartet of Logan Schroeder, Williams, Leete and Layman took home first in the 160 freestyle relay with a time of 1:18.72.

In the 400 freestyle relay, the Chisholm team of Nathan Splinter, Dillon Splinter, Calvin Wangensteen and Howard picked up a win with a time of 4:43.97.

Both teams are set to be back in the pool today when they travel to Grand Rapids for the True Team Section Meet.

Mesabi East 52, Chisholm 34

160 medley relay: 1, Mesabi East A (Carter Steele, Zade Baker, Danny Knapper, Isak Schroeder), 1:33.96; 2, Chisholm A (Carson Howard, Nathan Wangensteen, Connor Massucci, Dillon Splinter), 1:45.21.

200 freestyle: 1, Mason Williams, ME, 2:09.23; 2, Alex Leete, ME, 2:11.96; 3, Massucci, C, 2:27.83.

160 individual medley: 1, Layman, ME, 1:48.31; 2, Baker, ME, 1:57.45; 3, Howard, C, 1:57.93.

60 freestyle: 1, I. Schroeder, ME, 31.06; 2, Knapper, ME, 32.63; 3, N. Wangensteen, C, 36.71.

100 butterfly: 1, Layman, ME, 1:03.43; 2, Massucci, C, 1:28.96.

100 freestyle: 1, Logan Schroeder, ME, 52.66; 2, Williams, ME, 57.32; 3, Splinter, C, 1:14.30.

500 freestyle: 1, 1, Leete, ME, 5:45.46; 2, Nathan Splinter, C, 6:49.67; 3, Gavyn Ray, ME, 7:14.34.

160 freestyle relay: 1, Mesabi East A (L. Schroeder, Williams, Leete, Layman), 1:18.72; 2, Mesabi East B (I. Schroeder, Knapper, Gavyn Ray, Steele), 1:27.53; 3, Chisholm A (Massucci, Jack Sjorgren, Brent Dragony, N. Wangensteen), 1:42.67.

100 backstroke: 1, Howard, C, 1:11.40; 2, N. Splinter, C, 1:24.10

100 breaststroke: 1, N. Wangensteen, C, 1:27.28; 2, Dragony, C, 1:34.69.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Chisholm A (N. Splinter, D. Splinter, Calvin Wangensteen, Howard), 4:43.97.


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