HIBBING — I don’t follow a lot of people on Twitter, but earlier this week, I unfollowed someone because he was getting too political.

With the COVID-19 running rampant, he thought it was more important to throw that to the curb and play high school hockey.

That’s being selfish.

He’s not the only one who thinks that, not by a longshot, but when it comes to the health and well-being of individuals, putting sports on a pause for one month, in my opinion, that’s the proper thing to do.

Nobody knows how one’s immune system is going to fight this off. COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate.

There’s always the discussion that the coronavirus doesn’t affect our young people like it does our older individuals, which is mostly true, but there have some cases of young people passing away from the disease.

Even so, that doesn’t mean they can’t carry it, then give it to someone in their family.

Common sense has to win out.

I’m all for continuing high school sports because that’s my job. I love being out every night watching our local teams competing.

Last spring was a downer, and we thought things would get better.

It was good enough to start some sports right away in August, then we had the later starts for volleyball and football, but a lot of teams had to cancel games or they lost individuals because of positive tests.

The medical experts said we’d have another outbreak in the fall and winter. Guess what? They were right.

Why did it happen? Because too many people in this country didn’t follow the guidelines.

Do you think for one minute that I like wearing a mask? The simple answer to that is no, but under the circumstances, it’s the proper thing to do.

I also try to stay as far away from people as I can because I don’t know if they’re carrying the virus, or they don’t know if I’m carrying the virus.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Personally, I don’t worry too much about myself getting sick. I don’t have any pre-exisiting conditions, so my immune system

should be solid. I do worry about

bringing it home and getting my son or wife sick.

Still, I am 61-years-old, so I’m in that range where I could be more vulnerable to it, so I have no problem with the pause.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was in a no-win situation. Be mad at him all you want, but he’s looking out for the best interests of this state. He’s doing the best job he can to keep us safe.

It’s no coincidence that we went from No. 21 in the United States to inside the top 10 for the number of cases of COVID-19. Somebody wasn’t doing their job and by that I mean, we weren’t doing our jobs.

It’s hard to not socialize. We like being around our friends, but limiting groups to 10 or fewer, that’s not a hard thing to do, but not for my brother. He was a social distancer before it became “A thing.” It wasn’t that big of a jump for him.”

I also understand the economic implications of this with restaurants and gyms closing down for one month.

They already sacrificed a lot earlier in the year, and to do it again, I can’t imagine what they’re going through.

But here’s an idea.

I know people like to cook Thanksgiving dinner. For some, it might be a tradition, and I know traditions are hard to break.

Instead of cooking, there’s plenty of our local eating establishments that are making dinners to carry out. It’s not a be-all-end-all to the shutdown, but at least it helps out our local restaurants.

Lastly, for the next two weeks, follow the guidelines, the numbers should go down and our schools might reopen.

Give it another two weeks, and the numbers should decrease even more, then winter sports have a chance to start, along with the ability to open up our restaurants and gyms, but only if we follow the rules.

With a vaccine on its way, we should be back to somewhat normal in 2021. We may even have fans at sporting events.

This isn’t political. It’s common sense. Don’t be selfish.

Stay safe.


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