Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to register my account?

By registering your account you will have access to our online subscription customer services, place classified ads, make comments, and sign up for newsletters

Q: What customer services are available?

You can request the following services online:

  • Start, stop, or renew both print and online subscriptions
  • Report an issue
  • Suspend and restart delivery of your newspaper
  • Purchase a gift subscription
  • Activate online access for your print/online combo subscription

Q: What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please use the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Login page.

Q: How do I change my password or email?

Hover over your username in the upper right. Click on "Dashboard". On the left, expand the "User Account" tab. You can see and change your profile settings here

Q: Whom do I contact and what information do you need me to send when I discover that there is a problem with your Web site?

If you experience a problem navigating our sites, please email us at APG Media of Minnesota and describe in as much detail as possible, including the steps you take leading up to it, how often it occurs, and the exact text of any error message that you receive. The information you provide will help us to find a solution more quickly. 

Online Subscription

Q: I'm a print subscriber. Why can't I access the online articles or e-editions?

This may be for one of three reasons: 

1) Your access is not set up properly. We use two systems - one manages online access and the other manages our print subscriptions. If your email address in the print subscription software matches that of your user account, access is automatic. If it does not, then you email needs to be added, or changed, so that they do - or - you can opt to link manually by selecting the Activate Online Access option for you publication in the list of subscription services. You will need your account number - which is on your mailing label.

2) Your print subscription does not include online access. Not all print subscriptions include online access. If you are interested in adding it to you current print subscription, please call your local office.

3) Your subscription may not be active yet. Generally it takes up to 24 hours to set up. You may need to log out & log back in to activate a new subscription. 

Print Subscription

Q: How can I order a print subscription?

Click here to submit your subscription request. Subscribe

Contact Us

Q: How can I contact the APG of of Minnesota Newspapers

• Grand Rapids Herald-Review 218-326-6623

• Hibbing Daily Tribune  218-262-1011

• Mesabi Daily News, Virginia 218-741-5544

• Walker Pilot Independent  218-547-1000

For further subscription questions, please email

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