Do it for the wings

VIRGINIA — Justice has been served in the MDN Pigskin Pick ‘ems.

Ironically, it was served by the Eveleth Chief of Police, Tim Koivunen. Unironically, it was served against MDN Pigskin Picker veteran John Rinne, after Rinne beat Koivunen’s son by three pounds in the Big Buck contest two weeks ago.

Koivunen stated he’d beat Rinne last week. Sure enough he did, by one win.

Koivunen ended with a 7-3 week last week, tying MDN sports editor Jim Romsaas for the weekly second place. Only Mark Sauer’s 8-2 finish beat them, while Rinne, Sally Yuccas, and Levi Ritacco ended in the middle of the weekly pack, garnering six wins.

The strong week propels Koivunen into a three-way tie for seventh place between him, the Virginia Fire Department and Yuccas. Meanwhile Sauer landed in sixth as JoJo Scott finished in fifth, while Jim Romsaas and Marla Thompson are now tied for third.

Finally, Ritacco and Rinne, once again, are tied for first place. MDN staff writer Joe Labernik remains in last.

Had Ritacco picked the Vikings over the Cardinals, or Colorado over Washington St., things would be much different. Unfortunately, the 6-4 tie between Ritacco and Rinne changes nothing on top of the leaderboard.

Speaking of what could have happened, Yuccas was one who perhaps should have listened to one particular voice of the many giving her advice last week.

“Dang Vikings — I don’t pick them and they go and finally win,” she said. “Woulda, coulda, shoulda listened to my husband. I’ll never hear the end of this one.”

Yuccas, however, was not done reflecting on the previous week. She had a few things to say to the veteran Rinne, especially about his language.

“Who is this Rinne guy who’s making comments about the librarian?” Yuccas asked. “Just for that, I throw out a challenge to him this week.”

The challenge concerns chicken wings, and Yuccas is already planning for a nice post turkey chicken-wing meal.

“He usually picks on Marla but when he throws me under the bus, I have to follow up,” Yuccas added. “Marla, I would love you to join when this happens. I need to see what this Rinne character is all about.”

Still, Rinne’s ego wouldn’t be bruised as he accepted the challenge from Yuccas.

“I’m not sure someone that far behind can even talk to the top dog!” Rinne said. “There must be some kinda chain of command.

Sally should stick to keeping up with the other basement dwellers (Joe and the Chief)! Lol. But if she wants to buy me some wings, I’ll accept the challenge.”

Perhaps Rinne forgot that he’s 0-1 on challenges this year after Koivunen served him last week. But who knows — maybe the 4-6 Chargers will beat the 6-3 Texans on the road to propel him past Yuccas.

As for even older feuds, Thompson was quick to bemoan her shrinking lead against Romsaas ... and the other MDN pickers.

“Darn, tied with Mr. Romsaas,” she said. “He’s catching up.”

After talking up her alma matter Iowa State, who beat Texas Tech 66-10, she also had a few (clever) words for Rinne.

“By giving him some breathing room,” she said, “I am lulling Mr. Rinne into a false sense of security :).”

Thompson added that she’s picking the Vikings this week, despite her better judgement. After seeing Kai Forbath miss an extra point last week, every Viking fan in the state of Minnesota agrees, surely.

Rinne thinks otherwise — or at least agrees with the anti-Vikings sentiment.

“Unfortunately I think it might be the other way around this weekend with (the Vikings and the Gophers) losing,” he said. “Hope everyone other than Marla has a great Thanksgiving.



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