At long last, after saying no for years, after questionable claims of low budget for cams, after, in fact, returning surplus funding to the county, the current Sheriff buys body cams. Is he honest? You decide.

Contender for the office, Chad Walsh has been out and about around the county for the past year listening. Chad Walsh has been hearing from the people in St Louis Co. And they want transparency. They want to know what goes on when a confrontation happens between a sheriff’s deputy and a member of the public. You want to know. In fact citizens have always felt they should know how their elected officials act in a tense situation, and they have spoken as loud as thunder about the subject. Just ask Chad Walsh.

Funny how, now that he is feeling heat from a challenger, the sheriff who has heretofore chosen to work the dark, has “suddenly” seen the light! The sheriff who said no to transparency until now. The person who didn’t really care what you wanted. The guy who didn’t have enough money in his budget —- until Walsh showed up. Suddenly the budget exploded! Enough $ for body cams!

Don’t be fooled by this slight of hand….. it’s what dishonest people do. They pretend to be something they are not.

Vote for the guy who has your back. The Sheriff true to his word. The man who will implement and consider your needs. The man who heard your thunder. That man is Chad Walsh.

Carole Kapsner



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