Mr. Cuffe,

I would like to dissect portions of your January 24 opinion essay about your views on the current state of affairs. A full rebuttal of the 20 paragraphs of your usual hide behind the flag, hide behind religion, and scare tactics would be in order, but I will only choose a few of the topics that you discussed.

As usual, you bemoan and complain about the left, but yet offer not a single word of accountability or blame directed towards the failed ex-President and his supporters on the right who did not just commit acts of rioting, violence and looting against a neighborhood or city, but did those same things, as well as engage in acts of sedition and treason against our entire nation and Democracy. Throw in murder, as well. Did you even pay attention to what occurred on January 6, Mr. Cuffe? Maybe you were a cheerleader?

I did not see a single “Biden 2020” banner or shirt in any of this summer’s violent, despicable and un-excusable riots and looting in some of our cities, but guess whose name was in full view as the world watched our Democracy almost crumble on 6 January? Your hero, that’s who. The one you probably still support, I suspect. 20 paragraphs should have provided ample opportunity to state some measure of disagreement with the Republican domestic terrorists and their proclaimed leader, but you failed to do so. I can only conclude that you condone their motives and possibly even their actions. Silence speaks volumes.

The world watched as the failed ex-President’s supporters shouted his name, proclaimed that a Vice President should hang, and dragged a police officer down a set of stairs while beating him with an American flag. Yet no mention of this in your outline of all that is wrong with our country. Everything is the fault of the left, in your view.

You seem to think that religion is the answer. The failed ex-President was the darling of the Evangelicals. Some judge of morality. Religious institutions, some more than others, are among the most corrupt organizations on earth, whose priests have inflicted unspeakable harm on countless young boys and girls with no accountability other than hiding from the truth. Protect life? I guess once you are 12 years old that pro-life dogma goes out the window, as borne out by the hundreds of priests who have been caught, only to be shuffled around and shielded by your righteous religious institutions instead. Of course, parishioners have also turned a blind eye. So please don’t preach to us with your religious piety.

You seem to think more guns is the answer, while as much as admitting that law enforcement has failed in their duty to protect all citizens equally. You decry “socialism” yet support a militarized police force. One of your own, a Capitol Police law enforcement officer was murdered by fervent supporters of the failed ex-President. Yet you make no mention of this lest you upset your Republican brethren. Four others died as well that day — or don’t you remember? Just as you chose to fly banners for the failed ex-President on 9/11 last year instead of honoring the victims of the horrible events of that day in 2001, you also seem to not make any cognizant connection to the events of January 6, 2021.

You claim to support the military but yet supported a failed president who called veterans losers. You also made no mention of the military personnel, veterans and even active duty members, who desecrated our Capitol during their seditious attempted coup. I am a veteran and find this appalling. Do you?

You use scare tactics and right wing talking points such as “. . . there are ongoing discussions” (about gun ownership), without providing a source, and “. . . our nation is gravitating towards an extreme socialist, intolerant society” without providing examples. Do you even know the definition of socialism, Mr. Cuffe? I think not. Maybe you wish to forgo receiving your Social Security and Medicare when you retire. Maybe you wish to forgo accepting government funds for the city of Virginia. Maybe you wish to defund the US Postal Service, as our failed ex-President espoused. Maybe you wish to eliminate the millions of dollars given to farmers each year? Or free government medical care for veterans? All of these programs and institutions have attributes of socialism, Mr. Cuffe. You failed to provide even a hint of how you think we are on a dangerous slide but simply enjoy using the standard Republican scare tactics.

You stated in the first paragraph of your diatribe that you have “never been so embarrassed.” You very well should be embarrassed, Mr. Cuffe, for what you have supported on the right, and what you steadfastly refuse to call out — sedition, treason and lies.

Mr Cuffe, I am one of the left-leaning individuals you so despise. I have worked and provided for my family, and with my wife helped to raise our four children to be responsible citizens, all university graduates by their own efforts, and gainfully employed. I served in the military as did my father before me and one of my sons. I own guns but am not brainwashed by the corrupt NRA. I have worked for almost 35 years directly in the mining industry and know a bit more about that than you do, as well. We can talk about the environmental record of mining companies if you wish. I have worked in mining operations throughout the world and every operation on the Iron Range and what I see printed in this publication is not always truthful, including things you yourself have stated as fact.

So don’t lecture us, because there are many like myself that see right through your thin politically motivated speeches. The national election proved this point. The majority of Americans chose to pursue a different path that the one we were on. I feel it is my duty as a proud citizen of this nation that my grandparents chose as their home to call out the misinformation, false accusations and outright lies printed in this publication from time to time from authors such as you. 1I will continue to do so.

Ron Ostman is a resident of Mountain Iron.


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