I was intrigued when I heard that there was going to be a Line 3 pipeline protest in Northern Minnesota, allegedly with thousands of people from around the country. I tuned into the livestreams of the activities and was appalled, but not too shocked, about the hypocrisy I witnessed by these protesters.

First, let’s acknowledge that hundreds of people travelled thousands of miles from all around the country, using thousands of gallons of gasoline to make this protest happen. Their travels were made possible thanks to pipelines.

Next, being that it was a hot Minnesota day, there were bags and bags of plastic water bottles being consumed by protesters. Again, thanks to pipelines.

I saw tents, coolers, sunglasses, and dozens of other products being used and worn by pipeline protesters that are all made and available thanks to pipelines like Line 3.

While it is not shocking that these radical protesters do not fully understand how important pipelines are to our everyday lives, it is surprising that they were so blatant with their ignorance while disrupting construction on the very important Line 3 pipeline project.

As these pipeline opponents fuel up from Line 3 before heading back to their home states, I’d encourage them to read up on all the aspects of our society that depend on this crucial product and learn to support Line 3 like the majority of Minnesotans.

Jed Holewa



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