Do you remember Carly Melin? The once rising star of the Iron Range and Minnesota Democrats while she represented our area (District 6A) from 2011 to 2017 in the state house? Well, since she left office and handed the reins to Julie Sandstede, Carly has moved to the metro and taken a new job as a top advisor to Attorney General Keith Ellison. While this isn’t breaking news, it is incredibly concerning given the fact that the Attorney General is now targeting businesses in our community with lawsuits that threaten to shutdown our Main Streets.

I miss the days where Iron Range Democrats used to stand up to leaders in both parties who were making decisions that were outside the best interests of people in Northern Minnesota. Not only have those days passed, but now we can only assume that Carly Melin has advised the Attorney General to sue her former constituents (Mesabi Tribune 8/5/20 “MN Attorney General taking action against Effie rodeo”). Carly Melin has clearly forgotten her roots.

I am ashamed to see that none of our local legislators including Rep. Julie Sandstede and Rep. Dave Lislegard have stood up against the tyrannical actions of Attorney General Keith Ellison or the heavy handed total government control of Governor Walz’s emergency powers. Apparently this is what ‘One Minnesota’ looks like. The Metro Democrats don’t represent us and apparently our local leaders don’t either.

Jed Holewa



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