Two weeks ago, in Cloquet, there was an incident at a Line 3 construction site that has left me a bit unsettled.

Reports say that a protester threw some sort of device into the pipe, and then rapidly drove away, leading to authorities calling in a bomb squad and evacuating the surrounding areas.

While it was eventually determined that the device was not an explosive, the ripple effects of that event have been lasting. Members of the Fond du Lac Band were forced to leave their homes while being in fear of this potentially dangerous situation.

These protesters continue to act without any disregard for the negative impact they are having in our communities. They have shut down equipment, required hundreds of hours of emergency response, and disrupted a project that is much needed to repair this aging pipeline.

Some of these protesters are driving hundreds of miles while utilizing gallons of the resource they are traveling to protest.

Enough is enough. I can support protesters waving their signs, singing their songs, and making their opposition to this pipeline project known. That changes and crosses the line when it leads to fear and bomb squads needing to be called.

Chris Vreeland

Mayor of Hoyt Lakes

Hoyt Lakes, MN


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