Some things in life are hard to understand — particularly when what you see and hear are polar opposites. You know, like when the weatherman says to expect sunny skies today and you look outside and it’s raining cats and dogs. Hmmm…

Well, I just read something just as weird. According to an AP-Norc poll, 55% of Americans basically don’t think the high prices we’re all getting hammered with for gas is President Biden’s fault. Huh? Say that again? Doesn’t anyone remember the promises he made starting with his campaign even before the election about his “War on Oil”? Come Hell or high water, he was going to shut down the fossil fuel industry, and that’s about the only promise he’s kept. On Day One of his presidency he shut down the Keystone Pipeline and then pulled all the drilling leases on Federal Lands. According to one analyst, he has implemented over 1,000 regulatory procedures to impede, stop, delay or destroy oil production. And guess what? It was a raging success!

The other side of this, of course, is when all of us started noticing our bank accounts suddenly hemorrhaging red ink. Before Biden, gas was about two bucks a gallon; now it’s $4 and $5 a gallon here and as much as $9 in California and $10 in Alaska. Since everything we have, use or buy arrives by truck - and trucks run on fuel - the prices for everything under the sun also shot up. Biden naturally just waved this off as a transitory bump in the economy, but since then this “bump” has grown to the highest rate of inflation we’ve seen in 40 years - and still rising. People are now squealing, they’re getting gouged with everything they do. The money is too short and the month is too long. Our GDP has suddenly shrunk 1.4% and the experts say we’re now headed for a recession.

As deaf and dysfunctional as our president is, he can’t help but hear this cacophony of complaining. So, to use a phrase he plagiarized from Bill Clinton, he says “I feel your pain” and now says he’s going to do all he can to ease that pain at the pump. Cool. Now he wants to be a hero and ride his white horse over the hill and save us from the complete disaster that was entirely of his own making! Some of these characters simply know no shame.

Since that time, he has done everything he can think of to solve this problem without solving this problem. First off, he went crawling to the Saudis and Russians and begged them to pump more oil to drive prices down. They told him to take a hike. Next, he opened up our Strategic Reserve to draw down a million barrels of oil a day for six months. That’s a drop in the bucket of what we use every day and all it’s doing is depleting our Reserve so it’ll be bone dry when we have a war or national emergency. Next, he proposed a “tax holiday” to suspend the Federal tax on fuels for six months or so. Yes, that would lower gas maybe 15 cents a gallon, but that is money states need to keep our roads in repair. These needs are desperately underfunded already - without this money we wouldn’t need gas — the roads would be too rough to drive on anyway. Now he wants to allow ethanol blends of gasoline to be sold year round, rather than just part of the year. Another winner of an idea that would only produce a piddly amount of fuel. He even sent envoys to Venezuela and Iran to strike oil deals with them - both avowed enemies of the United States whom we have had sanctions against for years, and whose oil is produced without any environmental protections whatsoever.

With all these loony gyrations, this president has simply done a soft shoe shuffle around the edges without ever addressing the real problem. We don’t need dirty Russian oil, we don’t need a tax holiday or to drain our Reserve, we don’t need more ethanol - all we need to do is open the gates and let our American companies PUMP OIL! Finish the XL Pipeline and drill baby, drill! A 10 year old should be able to figure this out, but the empty suit sitting in the Oval Office would rather buy oil from Iran and Venezuela who are both registered as enemies and terrorist groups who want to do us harm. If sane heads were in charge, this should be treason.

Never-the-less, Bumbling Biden ambles along day after day, pretending not to see this elephant in his office. He’s even got the crust to blame Putin for our high gas prices even when these prices were skyrocketing long before Putin got a bee in his shorts. Why was gas at $2 a gallon before Biden took over? Why was our country energy independent for the first time - before Biden got his hands on the wheel? Even the disaster in Ukraine could be stopped by a stroke of Biden’s pen. Turn our faucet on and turn Putin’s off. His barbaric genocide would come to a screeching halt without his only natural resource — oil and gas — to sell, and Russia would be a third world country. If we got the government off the backs of our oil companies, we would have enough oil and gas to export to Europe so they wouldn’t need Russian fuel either.

How long it’s going to take for our dumbfounded president to catch on to this is anyone’s guess. He does possess the unique ability to speak for extended periods in incoherent sentences without saying a thing that is true. Some people might do well to listen a little closer and then make up their own minds where our country is headed.

Jim Hofsommer



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