This letter is in response to the Guest Column by Mr. Justin Monacelli, November 14, 2021, in the Mesabi Tribune. First, Mr. Monacelli states that the COVID vaccine is not a vaccine in the classic sense. This is greatly misleading to those not familiar with medical terms. The COVID is a classic vaccine, as the Webster’s Online Dictionary states.

Second, the COVID vaccine is no longer “experimental”. Experimental vaccines are not FDA approved. This vaccine went through the appropriate approval processes to protect the public from harm. As a registered medical technologist, (CLS/ASCP), trained in understanding FDA approvals and compounds classified as “experimental”, I can say that the FDA has a long reputation of protecting the American public from harm and approvals are only given with extreme scrutiny.

Third, the concept of “natural antibodies, the way God intended” is to discredit the God-given ability of man to create safety protocols (such as vaccines) that protect us; for instance, the smallpox vaccine, the polio vaccine, the tetanus, vaccine. All of these vaccines stimulate our bodies to create antibodies that protect us from harm and from death. This is one of the many reasons, along with the availability of antibiotics, that has extended the longevity of humans.

This is not a “tyrannical push” to make you do anything but to protect yourself and others that you are in contact with.

Nancy Barnes



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