When we were growing up and one of our buddies would make a bone-headed move, we jabbed him with the insult, “When the head is dumb, the whole body suffers.” Bringing that up to date and on a larger scale, we could say today, “When the head of our government is dumb, the whole country suffers.” Certainly this description fits our Chief Executive, Joe ‘Brandon’ Biden. If you should think this caricature might be senior abuse of our dysfunctional president, maybe a quotation from former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, will put this all in perspective. He’s publicly said on several occasions that “Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every national security and foreign relations issue for the past 40 years.” Whew! That’s a record few people could match.

Now that we have the proper starting point established, we can go on to see how his “Build Back Better” plan is going. Considering the only job he’s had his whole life is slithering around the Washington swamp for the past 50 years, it’s questionable that he knows how to build anything. Maybe that’s why, on his first day, he cancelled one of this country’s most successful building projects in recent years - our Southern Border Wall. From a sovereignty and national security perspective, this wall is critical, but on Jan. 20, everything stopped stone-cold dead. The gaps that were left unfinished are now marred with grooves beaten into the earth as deep as the Oregon Trail, from an all time record 1.7 million illegal aliens this year invading our Southern Border. From simply a monetary standpoint, this move is just as dumb. It is costing $5 million per day to NOT finish that wall by paying contractors to guard the huge stocks of materials piled up in the desert. Stranger than fiction though, he recently had Homeland Security install a $455,000 fence around his beach home. Must be that he’s a lot more important than all the rest of us ordinary deplorables.

Another real swift move was his canceling the Keystone Pipeline and banning oil exploration. In just the few months Mr. Biden has been in office, we’ve seen the price of gas go from 2 bucks a gallon to twice that, even over $5 a gallon, in some parts of the country. So now we are again dependent upon foreign supplies as Biden begs the Saudis and Russians to pump more oil, while our own domestic companies are hamstrung. In addition, the Biden and Congressional cohorts’ spending spree - where they’re throwing around trillions of dollars like it’s pocket change - would make a whole boatload of drunken sailors look like a bunch of pikers. One result of this nonsense is that we’re now having a spike in inflation the likes of which we haven’t seen in 30 years. Been to the grocery store, lumberyard or used car lot lately? Or maybe this only applies to people making more than $400,000 a year. Uh huh.

Every page of this horror story we turn just gets worse and worse. Like Afghanistan. Pull out our troops and close our airbase down before even getting our own people and our Afghan friends out? That simply has to be the dumbest move ever made by any Commander-in-Chief of this country. Leave $85 billion of our finest military equipment behind for the enemy, get thirteen of our Service Members killed and then in retaliation (with no longer having sources left on the ground to tell us what’s going on) screw up and bomb an innocent family and kill ten, including seven children. If this isn’t a story of dumb and dumber, I don’t know what is.

Then there’s the domestic disaster. With all the school lockdowns and students learning by zoom, parents across the country started noticing some of the weird stuff our kids are being indoctrinated with - and the reaction was swift and powerful. They started showing up in droves at school board meetings and demanding explanations and answers. This, of course, didn’t sit well with the teachers unions and school boards who seem to think they are ordained by God to be in charge of our kids instead of the parents. This prompted the President of the National School Board Association to send a letter to the Justice Department complaining about the protesting parents at these school board meetings. Biden’s distinguished Attorney General, Merrick Garland, then fired off an official letter to the FBI instructing them to investigate these noisy parents and citing 13 different violations they could be charged with. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it just happened to come out that Attorney General Garland’s son-in-law has a $27 million contract with some 1,500 school districts to provide Critical Race Theory type materials - the very stuff that has all these parents’ hair on fire.

Right here I have to diverge for a moment. The other day I was in Virginia and stopped for lunch at a new restaurant in town. The food was pretty good, but it was the décor that I noticed. On all the walls were old posters of infamous gangsters of the 20s and 30s: Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson, Machinegun Kelly - the whole lineup. I thought it strange …we don’t hear anything about gangsters any more. There aren’t any notable gangsters left these days. Then I thought of Homeland Secretary Mayorkas who’s selling our country down the River of No Return with endless streams of illegal aliens pouring in like Niagara Falls. And then there’s Hunter Biden and his laptop from Hell, and, well heck, the whole Biden syndicate and all their dealings with China, Russia, Ukraine and all the millions floating around everywhere that, if it were anyone else, they likely would be enrolled in Crowbar College for more lifetimes than a black cat has. Then there’s this sterling character, Mr. Garland who doesn’t even wince at weaponizing the Justice Department and the FBI to harass everyday parents. No, there are no gangsters in Chicago or Detroit these days - all the crooks are in Washington!

The last straw came just a couple weeks ago. If you’ve noticed, birds of a feather flock together, and dumb leaders have the obnoxious habit of appointing department heads and Cabinet Secretaries whose craniums are as devoid of positive neutrons as theirs. Exhibit #1: Attorney General Garland. Wouldn’t that have been a sweeeet deal to have a zero like him as a Supreme Court Justice with a lifetime tenure? Exhibit #2: Pete Buttajug - or however you say it - who (in the words of Winston Churchill ) is “a little man rattling around in a big man’s job”. This small-mind mayor, acting as our Transportation Secretary, has a complete royal mess on the West Coast. A hundred humungous cargo ships piled up off the coast of California, 200,000 containers waiting to be unloaded, miles of trucks idling and waiting to get into the plugged up ports of Long Beach and L.A., store shelves empty, and the strong suit of our clueless Transportation Secretary is that he’s ‘diverse’. Now, exhibit #3, our Interior Secretary, who was suspect right from the beginning as an anti-mining eco freak - yet our two feckless Senators voted to confirm her. Our illustrious President said his Build Back Better plan would use American sourced materials, but Secretary Halland just shot that down by putting the kibosh on the Twin Metals Project. Why aren’t we hearing from our U.S. Senators who claim to be for our working families? Why is our Governor like a silent mugwump sitting on a rail? Thank God that we do have some elected officials, like our rural district County Commissioners and State Senators Tom Bakk and David Tomassoni, who have all been strong supporters of miners and our mining heritage. And no one has spoken out stronger than Congressman Stauber to support working class families, and miners and loggers in particular.

So now we have sent envoys from RAMS and several trade groups to whisper into the deaf ears of the progressives in Washington. Usually we think of progressive as moving forward, making things better, but Biden has surely disproved this. I finally figured out what ‘progressive’ actually means - things get progressively worse! Just look at Biden’s track record. We had the most secure border in 40 years and now it’s a complete catastrophe that he won’t even acknowledge. One frustrated reporter asked Secretary Mayorkas, “How big does a crisis have to be before you call it a crisis?” Biden’s gigantic tax and spendorama he says will actually be a tax cut! (Just a little creative math.) Trump had an orderly withdrawal planned for Afghanistan, but slow Joe turned that into the worst military debacle in our history, and while General Milley is musing over ‘white rage’, China sends a hypersonic attack missile all around the world that catches our CIA completely flatfooted. Attaway to go, Joe. We went from business as usual, to the West Coast supply chain disaster which affects our whole country. And Viola M. Garcia, President of the Natl. School Board Assn., whose letter started the whole school board / FBI / parents fiasco has now been promoted by Biden to the Dept. of Education National Assessment Governing Board. And finally, at home here in Northern Minnesota, the hopes of families and companies have been again dashed by the morons in Washington who axed a critical industry fueling the prosperity of this region and the national security of our country.

This administration admits nothing, apologizes for nothing, and corrects nothing. They are true progressives who have run this country into the ground at every turn. The only recourse is to vote these crumbs out of office. At our next election, bring the kids, Grandma, and all the neighbors and VOTE. When the head is dumb, the whole body suffers. Isn’t it time to change this?

Jim Hofsommer

Retired Steelworker



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