Chisholm has a rich tradition of community support and involvement in our schools. We are just five weeks into the school year and have already seen the Chisholm Pride that is known so well in our community shine through our students, staff, and teachers. This energy is not only exciting to witness but drives me as superintendent to ensure that we continue our mission of providing the best education that our community expects, and students deserve.

As many of you are aware, earlier this year district stakeholders participated in a strategic planning process that was designed to develop both an academic and financial plan for our district. As our operating levy is due to expire in fiscal year 2024, our intent for this process was two-fold; identify what our financial needs would be to continue to operate our district, as well as identify any barriers to our mission of offering great education for our students. This process resulted in both an academic and financial plan outlining goals and action items for addressing our most important issues such as attracting and retaining teachers, offering diverse programming, and providing a healthy, safe and adequate learning environment.

While our strategic planning process was an important step in determining some challenges, we realized that there is so much more left to do. As our district thinks through our operating needs for a potential operating levy renewal, we cannot ignore the impact of our facilities. Our strategic planning process uncovered that a deeper understanding of the state of our facilities and how that impacts not only our operating budget but also the learning environment for our students was needed.

On July 26, 2021, the School Board unanimously voted to work with consultants to lead us through a comprehensive facility assessment process. Our current buildings have a rich history, but also have significant limitations such as ADA and security. This assessment will help the district and community determine what is needed to maintain and update our schools to ensure they support and enrich the education of our children now and into the future.

Our goal throughout this planning process is to collaboratively work together as a community to determine the best solution for addressing both our operating and facilities needs. Throughout our process, we will be gathering input from all our stakeholders including teachers, staff, students and you, our community.

We are at the very early stages of our planning but will continue to communicate as we work through this process. Your input will be critical to anything that we do and hope at the time you will engage and share your thoughts.

In the meantime, I am always here to answer your questions and can be reached by email, or phone at (218)254-2900 ext 2901.

Thank you for your continued support of the Chisholm Schools. Together we are a community united in excellence.

Adrian Norman

Chisholm Superintendent


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