My name is Murray Anderson and I am running for the open Virginia school district position on the Rock Ridge School Board. For the past five years I have been on the Virginia Board, the Joint Powers Board and the newly combined Rock Ridge Public Schools board serving on numerous committees and appointed positions within these boards.

Why am I running for school board?

In 2015 I retired from being an active teacher after 36 years. Though retired I still have a love for public education and watching students succeed. With my education (3 degrees and a Masters) and classroom experience I saw an opportunity to again help students, maybe not in the classroom, but as a school board member.

Fast forward five years! Just look around at all the positive accomplishments these boards have brought forth for our students, parents, and communities. New schools, new programs, a new way of educating our future! Our students are our future and their success will and should be our most important task.

My decision process is never off the cuff. A great deal of research goes into my decision making. I have no hidden agenda, nor am I supported/influenced by groups that want specific outcomes in board decisions. I consistently follow the policies set forth by MSBA regarding ethics of board members and act as a team member when decisions are made by the group.

Sometimes decisions are popular and not popular. But in following board/personal research, listening, board goals, MSBA guidelines, we decide for the “whole.” I always try to remember that when a decision is made it is going to effect not only our communities but also approximately 2500 students, their families, and 360 teachers/staff.

Thank you for reading my reasons and justifications seeking this open position on the RRPS school board. I would truly appreciate your vote on November 2nd.

Murray Anderson



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