The next election cycle is again near, that is, if the last one has ended. With it we can again expect partisan division as well as disagreement over controversial issues, such as abortion. Many folks will again vote a certain way simply out of habit or because they believe a certain political party will support their views.

But, redefining and rethinking language connected with abortion such as “pro-life” could alter how a person votes.

The purpose of this letter is to look closely at the meaning of pro-life, what it is and what it is not.

Fundamentally, pro-life is support for all life: human, animal, plant, earth and universe. It means caring and loving, which always heals. Pro-life does not act from fear which will always harm.

Pro-life values all life and works to reduce abortion by addressing its causes, such as healthcare issues, poverty, safety, education and much more. For example, full access to healthcare saves lives, not just ours but sometimes even the unborn. And total free access to contraception has proven in other parts of the world to reduce abortions by almost half.

Coming from love, pro-life does not judge. Pro-life does not attempt to control another's free will or body. Intimidation, humiliation, unkindness and weaponizing the law or courts to achieve a personally justified outcome will only harm.

None of us can know or judge the reasons a woman chooses to end a pregnancy. And here's a fair question few would dare to even consider: How many pregnancies are actually consensual or pro-choice in their origin? Half?

Pro-life and pro-choice are one and the same when approached through love, and as such would bring about unified progress toward reducing conflict and abortions.

We may not be able to change a political party's ideology or tactics, but we are free to choose how we respond and how we vote. Let's all involve ourselves in this election cycle, and let's vote for real pro-life regardless of our current partisan leaning.

Our reward will be a new sense of satisfaction, freedom, and accomplishment.

And take note, voting is pro-choice.

Jack Pick



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