As the longest tenured commissioner on the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners and having been sworn in as a St. Louis County Commissioner six times now, I find myself in a position where we as Commissioners are being asked to address the Second Amendment of the Constitution in some fashion by multiple groups with varying viewpoints.

As a St. Louis County elected official our oath of office includes the following language:

“I, Keith Nelson, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Minnesota, and that I will discharged faithfully the duties of the office of County Commissioner of District Six in the County of St. Louis, the State of Minnesota, to the best of my judgement and ability.”

Each of my fellow commissioners took that same oath to support the Constitution. Any action of the SLC Board of Commissioners at this point would only serve to reinforce that oath. Therefore any such discussions on this topic are unnecessary.

During these times when the fabric of our community is being tested, for those who wish to engage in the aforementioned debate, please invest your time and energies into family and neighbors.

Stay safe and God Bless.


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