I better get started on this because I still have a lot of procrastinating to do that I didn’t finish yesterday!

It’s a bit after 2 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon and I’m getting ready to write my Christmas card to you all (which was due at 5 p.m. Tuesday by the way). But that’s kind of how the season has gone for me. The whole year really. But I’ll just stick to the Christmas season.

I didn’t plan on being last minute, in fact I thought I was really doing well for a change. I Started thinking about presents to buy in the fall and even made a couple of notes which I filed away in a safe place. Someday I’ll remember what that safe place is and maybe I’ll remember what I thought was a great idea in September.

Anyway, moving on, Thanksgiving is the traditional start of the Christmas season and with all the kids home it seemed like a great opportunity to try to get a jump on things. We headed over to Lowe’s early and were amazed at how many Christmas trees there are to choose from when you start in November. Honestly it does make it easier when there are only three trees left on Dec. 22 and two of them are broken in the middle but anyway, there is a certain entertainment value watching three adult sisters nearly get into a brawl over which tree to select.

So in short (ish) order the family tree was selected, wrapped up in the netting and loaded into the car.

Now I don’t really like decorating Christmas trees. I mainly see it as having to move the sofa to make room and sweeping up needles for the next six months and that pine sap on your hands is just nasty. However, I’m well outvoted and freely admit the tree always looks fantastic when they are done with it.

I do like the Christmas tree in May when it’s been drying out next to the garage for several months and I can toss it onto the fire pit to unofficially start the summer. Sorry, getting distracted with images of warm weather, a campfire and at least one adult beverage.

Back to the tree.

We were doing great, it wasn’t even December and we were ready to go. I leaned the tree next to the garage to keep it safe until the living room was ready for it. And there it sat — Until Dec. 19 — when I chipped the now fallen over tree out of the snowbank and knocked as much ice off the branches as I could. I have to admit it was kind of interesting watching the tree melt inside and create its own little tropical rainstorm next to the window.

Today the tree is standing proud in the living room and maybe, just maybe, we even got lights and decorations on it before Saturday.

That, however, might not matter that much because I was in charge of ordering several of the presents. I can still hear the conversations with my mostly patient wife like it was yesterday, Her: “Hey, we really need to start ordering the presents” Me: “You’re right, great idea lets do that tonight.”

Next day, Her: “Hey, we really need to start ordering the presents” Me: “You’re right, great idea, let’s do that tonight.”

You get the idea.

It’s honestly amazing how many things you can put off if you really put your mind to it and besides — as of Wednesday — there was still plenty of time right?

Who knew that two day shipping the week before Christmas with millions of packages in the system and everyone in the world understaffed — in a pandemic for good measure — might not really mean two day shipping?

Ha! Live and learn, world!

Anyway the stuff grandma sent — early — and Aunt Michelle mailed a month ago was looking wonderful under the still undecorated tree and most of the rest of the stuff arrived by Friday. Maybe.

I hope.

And if not, it’s fun to get an unexpected surprise on the 29th! Right Ryanne????

Anyway that’s how my season has been going.

As the Dude would say in the Big Lebowski “Ups and downs, gutters and strikes,” that’s what makes the whole thing interesting.

To close my rambling narrative I just want to say that I really appreciate you all and I love the chance to cover your lives, the events that affect you and the games you love watching.

Thank you all and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


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