For anyone entering the Romsaas household on a given day, it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear a child belting out “Let It Go’’ or “Kumbaya, My Lord.’’

The kids would be my grandchildren, who my wife Lea and I are fortunate enough to take care of on a regular basis.

My granddaughter Tenley, 5½, has been perfecting “Let It Go’’ from the animated feature film “Frozen’’ for a couple of years now. With a musical Elsa doll in one hand and a Anna doll in the other, she’ll stroll through the house singing along with Elsa.

“Frozen’’ videos for kids on the computer tablet are another avenue to enjoy her favorite movie. The variety of “Frozen’’ videos is amazing and can include an artist beautifully coloring in a portrait of the “Frozen’’ characters, much to Tenley’s delight.

Getting back to “Kumbaya, My Lord,’’ my grandson Maverick, 2½, is infatuated with the tune. His time watching “Kumbaya’’ is limited, but every chance he gets he asks Grandma Lea to listen to or watch on her phone, especially before nap and bedtime.

As grandparents, Lea and I have the pleasure of sitting back and watching them discover new things each time we see them, as do their other grandparents who live nearby in Chisholm.

Watching on Snapchat at Halloween was pure joy as both were dressed as PJ Masks characters. Tenley was Owlette (the girl character dressed in red), while Maverick was Gekko (the boy character dressed in green).

The kids simply loved the costumes that covered them from head to toe. They had the opportunity to trick or treat at the home they moved into over the summer and were overjoyed with being able to get candy just for saying, “Trick or treat.’’ Their smiles from ear to ear couldn’t be hidden!

For Tenley, other kids were still trick or treating at her house when she was done, which turned out to be equally as exciting for her. She put her costume back on and helped her parents give out candy to the many characters coming up the steps to her door.

The look on her face was total excitement.

Turning back the clock to summer, Maverick was working on becoming the next Jeff Gordon as he raced down the ramp outside our house in his Cozy Coupe. He definitely got his exercise pushing the car back up, turning it around and rolling down time after time. I was tired just watching him.

As a grandpa, I also get to watch Lea enjoy and love the grandkids about as much as anybody could. Whether it’s reading to them, doing crafts or baking together, she calmly works with them and shares her love.

The look in her eyes says it all when they walk in the door. I know there is nothing she would rather be doing.


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