HIBBING — Here it is. The column you’ve been anxiously waiting for… my prediction for the Minnesota Vikings record for 2021-22.

I know many of you don’t care, but I have fun with it.

Last year, my prediction was off, just by a little, actually a lot. I said 13-3. The Vikings finished 7-9.

I was too positive, which isn’t my nature when it comes to the Vikings.

This year, I’m not going to be too generous.

At the end of this column, I will give two records — one that it will be and one that should be.

So give me a drum roll… and here it goes.

In September, Minnesota opens at Cincinnati, which might have a quarterback problem.

I don’t know if Joe Burrows will play, but the Bengals’ offensive line is dreadful. Should be a Vikings’ win. That’s non-negotiable if you think you have a good team.

The next week, Minnesota travels to Arizona. Again, if you have high expectations for this season, the Vikings must beat the Cardinals to go 2-0.

After that, Seattle comes to town. Russell Wilson or not, Minnesota must win its home opener to go 3-0. I predict 1-2.

In October, both Cleveland and Detroit play here, then it’s off to Carolina. Dallas plays here on Halloween night.

That’s a possible 2-2 month. That’s what I’ll predict, which makes Minnesota 3-4.

In November, the Vikings are at Baltimore, Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco. They play at home against Green Bay.

Let’s just say 2-2 and be good with it. That makes the Vikings 5-6.

In December, Minnesota is at Detroit and Chicago, and at home against Pittsburgh and the Los Angeles Rams.

The Vikings should beat both the Lions and Bears, but probably lose to the Steelers and Rams for a 2-2 mark, and 7-8 overall.

In January, Minnesota is at Green Bay, and finishes off at home against Chicago.

The Vikings won’t have anything to play for this month because they will be out of the playoff picture.

They will go 0-2 to finish 7-10, and Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman will be fired by the Wilf brothers.

If you think 7-10 is my final prediction, you would be wrong.

Here it goes.

If Minnesota can win all eight home games, then a 11-6 record is possible.

If the Vikings lose any of those home games, 7-10 is possible.

Don’t get your hopes up, Minnesota fans. Prepare for the worst, then if it’s better, you will have something to cheer for.


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