HIBBING — I’ve written a Sunday column for the Hibbing Daily Tribune for more years than I can remember, but now, we’re on to a new adventure.

This is my first column for the Mesabi Tribune, which as you all know started last Wednesday.

Obviously, this is my first column for our joint adventure, and I hope you enjoy my weekly expertise on sports at the professional, college and high school levels.

If you’ve read me before, you know I don’t do much research on the topics I’m writing about, unless it’s something that needs to be researched.

I’m not going to put false facts into my writing.

Most of the things I write about don’t need much research. It’s all opinion, and most of the time, and I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m wrong. Actually I’m wrong most of the time, but this gives me an outlet to let off some steam, especially with the professional sports teams in Minnesota.

I’d like to think I keep people grounded in reality.

As soon as you get high hopes for one of the teams in this market, just be ready for the letdown they’re almost certain to have. Everything comes crashing to the ground.

The Minnesota Vikings are one those teams.

I’m 61-years-old, and I’ve seen a lot of the trials and tribulations of our professional football team. We haven’t been to a Super Bowl since the late 1970s, I believe 1977 to be exact (I actually did some research on that. It wasn’t too hard to find.)

For some reason, the Vikings are the most popular team in the state, but there’s something wrong with the organization when you’ve gone 43 years without an appearance in the Super Bowl.

One would think they would have fallen into one at some point in the last four decades, but for one reason or another, they’ve come up short in their quest for a title.

That’s why I never get my hopes up every season. I know that disappointment is right around the corner. I’ll have to see it to believe it.

Enough of that for now.

The Minnesota Twins are supposed to start their season on July 24, assuming that COVID-19 doesn’t throw a wrench into those plans.

I’m looking forward to the start of the Major League Baseball season because that is my favorite sport. I know it’s only 60 games, but that’s better than nothing.

Maybe the Minnesota Wild can win a Stanley Cup this season. They will play a best-of-five series with Vancouver once the NHL resumes in August. As much as I don’t want to get my hopes up, their chances of winning are as good as any of the remaining teams after a long layoff.

With the rise of coronavirus cases going on around the country, I’ll be somewhat surprised if these leagues get off the ground. I hope they do, but what’s going to be the cost of putting them on the field — someone dying?

Unless this pandemic settles down and starts going in the opposite direction, I don’t see the schools opening up in the fall. If the schools aren’t open, then we’ll go another season without sports.

The MCAC has canceled some fall activities, which could hurt the enrollments of the area community colleges.

I’m all in on opening the schools and getting sports started, but you have to protect the health and well being of the students and athletes. No sport is worth losing someone over.

Enough for now. I have a new audience to write for. I try to inject some humor into my columns, and I hope you enjoy the work that I do.

Stay safe.


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