Less than a week until Twins are back in action

In six days, the Minnesota Twins will finally take the field for the 2020 season.

It’s been a long time coming, but we all know the reason for the delay.

We finally get to see the newly-acquired Josh Donaldson in action. It was a great pick up by Thad Levine and Derek Falvey over the winter, but what kind of impact will he have over the 60-game season?

That remains to be seen, but he will add some more power to an already powerful lineup.

It sounds like Miguel Sano, or the “Big Whiff” as Tom Tintor calls him, has finally joined the team, but what’s not surprising is the fact that Byron Buxton hurt himself last week.

One of his spikes got caught in the turf, and he twisted his foot.

What is it about Buxton? The man can’t seem to stay healthy.

He was moving along alright last season before that shoulder injury ended his season.

I admire him for being as aggressive as he is, but is there a time to tone it down?

I heard that question posed on a radio talk show about two weeks ago.

The host of the show said Buxton should pick his spots as to when he should go hard or let up.

Let’s say the Twins are up 8-1 and it’s in the later innings of the game.

If there’s a fly ball hit deep enough, should Buxton be more careful with that seven-run lead? Or should he just play his game, and go after that fly ball?

I don’t disagree with the talk-show host, but that’s not in Buxton’s nature.

If that fly ball falls in for a hit, there’s no telling what could happen after that. It’s all a butterfly effect.

Maybe the team gets a rally going, and god forbid, comes back and ties the game or takes the lead.

No lead is safe in baseball game. All it takes is one little spark to ignite a flame.

If Buxton catches the ball and crashes into the wall, sure, he could get hurt, but that’s one less out the other team has to start a rally.

It’s not an easy question to answer.

It sounded like Buxton was day-to-day, so it’s not serious. I hope he can stay healthy, even if it is for only 60 games.

That would be a good start.

The American League Central Division is up for the taking.

Kansas City and Detroit are still rebuilding. Cleveland, they’ve lost a lot of talent over the years. It’s the Chicago White Sox that could pose the most problems for Minnesota.

They’re not exactly a veteran club, but they have some young talent that could surprise a lot of people.

The Twins will be playing 40 divisional games, 20 at home and 20 on the road, along with 20 interleague games, 10 at home and 10 on the road.

Other than their divisional foes, the Twins will play St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Cincinnati and the Chicago Cubs.

With the expanded playoffs in place this season, Minnesota should be around for postseason play, and who knows, maybe even a World Series championship.

Please wake me up. I must be dreaming again.


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