The furnace is bringing a warmth into our home as the frigid winter air taps on the frosted windows. There’s a soothing sound of my family peacefully sleeping. Thoughts race through my head not letting sleep pull me back into it’s embrace.

I am thankful for a warm house as we reach the depths of winter, as well as the warmth of loved ones during a time where there’s so much unrest and uncertainty. Thoughts of those who are cold and without a safe haven are tugging at the same covers keeping me feeling safe and snug. How can we wrap them with a blanket of compassion and warmth?

I woke up in the middle of the night after vivid dreams. In one dream I was lost in a big city and I was cold, alone, scared, and trying to get home after being separated from a group of business professionals. There were bad people who recognized I was a small town gal out of her element and wanted to harm me.

I think that’s how many people are feeling right now, out of their element. Scared. Uncertain. Alone. Cold. Not sure how to find comfort and peace. Wanting to go home for the holidays, but not sure if they safely could or should.

In the dream, my phone was almost out of battery, so I had one opportunity to reach out to someone reliable who could help find me and bring me home. I snapped photos of what I could see from my view without letting the bad people see me. I sent the location from my phone and the photos to my husband with the message: Please pick me up. I got separated from the group and don’t know where I am or how to get home.

He would help figure it out. He always has.

Sometimes we want and need so much to have our own superhero who will save the day.

I don’t think that’s so unrealistic.

As we look for caped crusaders to save the day and the world, maybe we don’t see them because their capes aren’t easily visible. Instead, the capes of heroes are under the scrubs of those who take care of the sick and elderly; under the clothes of those teaching, loving, and devoted to supporting our children; under the business suits of those making difficult decisions for the better good of the people we love; under the badges of those protecting and serving our communities; under the fire gear of those tirelessly saving our homes and businesses; under the layers of those helping others without a home, access to food or winter gear; and under the clothes of ordinary people, who are actually extraordinary, as they genuinely make the world a better place by giving kindness, volunteering, and/or loving and caring for others.

These are the superheroes who are diligently trying to wrap us with their capes and keep us safe and warm.

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