It’s been nearly a year since the man who defeated Corn Pop with just a pair of hairy legs and a feisty attitude — AKA President Joe Biden — ascended to the top of the American political mountain waving the flag of his oddly familiar slogan, “Build Back Better.”

Alliteration aside, if I had to sum up the Biden experience thus far, the word “better” would not make the cut. A more apt description would be: “The Matrix.”

The Matrix fits because I feel like my brain is stuck in some computer generated world designed to distract from the reality that we are living in a swamp full of career politicians driving the real world into the ground while sucking every ounce of energy (and tax dollar) from our souls.

And it might help to explain, in part, why mainstream media (MSM) and the Democratic party are still infatuated with former President Donald Trump while inflation — which despite what some left leaning zealots might think, hurts the American people a lot more than mean Tweets — has hit a 39-year high of 7%.

Politics aside, we should all be concerned that no one seems to be holding the Biden Administration accountable for the current state of the union.

Back in the day the mainstream media was still credible, this time of year the 24/7 cable outlets and major newspapers would all be doing stories on the highlights and lowlights of the president’s first year in office, and speculating on what might come next.

Instead, in 2022 the media and Biden supporters are still playing the “all things bad” Trump card at every turn. Meanwhile, COVID rages on, store shelves are empty, gas is nearly $4 a gallon, the stock market (and our 401K’s) are getting bludgeoned on a daily basis, there continues to be a crisis at the southern border, and America’s reputation on the world stage since the inexcusable failure that was withdrawal from Afghanistan has been tarnished even further.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg that will eventually sink the Biden/Kamala Harris experiment come November 2022 and Democratic leaders know it. That’s why they are also beating the Trump drum ad nauseum to distract from Biden’s disastrous record to date.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. The proof is in the pudding, better known as the Internet. With a few clicks of your mouse (or finger if you are on a phone and can tear yourself away from trolling people on social media long enough to do a search) you can judge for yourself just how well Biden has done since taking office by paying a visit to Joe Biden’s Official campaign website.

There you will find “Joe’s (so far failed) Vision.”

So here we all are, like Neo in the original Matrix, faced with two choices: Swallow the blue pill and continue down the path of denial, blindfolded to the truths around us, happy to live with head in sand and happy to swallow the ear candy Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity feed us every night, or take the red pill by clicking on the link, Biden’s manifesto, read up and make up your own mind.

Most won’t click on the link. The truth is hard to handle.

But I did.

One of my favorite sections is “The Biden Plan to Beat COVID-19.”

This was a biggie for him. He said over and over during his campaign and during the debates that he was going to defeat COVID. And while I’m a realist and understand that Joe Biden was never going to “beat” a virus, he should be held accountable for his proclamations just as Trump was when he foolishly declared in March 2020 that COVID would be gone by Easter of that year.

Still, few in the MSM are calling out Biden for announcing on July 4, 2021, that we had defeated COVID, when it’s obvious that the virus is still in charge and that Biden’s “seven-point plan to beat,” COVID spelled out in his “vision” is non-existent.

He didn’t even get past point one: “Fix Trump’s testing-and-tracing fiasco to ensure all Americans have access to regular, reliable, and free testing.”

He also proclaimed that he would “direct the CDC to provide specific evidence-based guidance for how to turn the dial up or down relative to the level of risk and degree of viral spread in a community, including when to open or close certain businesses, bars, restaurants, and other spaces; when to open or close schools, and what steps they need to take to make classrooms and facilities safe; appropriate restrictions on size of gatherings; when to issue stay-at-home restrictions.”

How’s that working out?

COVID aside, there are 48 other topics that make up “Joe’s Vision,” very few of which have gotten any attention since election day like “Joe Biden has a plan to create millions of good-paying jobs and to give America’s working families the tools, choices, and freedom they need to build back better.”

Or part of “the Biden plan to end the opioid crisis,” which included “stem the flow of illicit drugs, like fentanyl and heroin, into the United States – especially from China and Mexico.”

According to a recent story in, while drug overdose deaths have hit an all-time high in the United States with more than 100,000 people dead in one year’s time, in 2021, the DEA El Paso Division seized nearly 300 kilos of fentanyl — marking a 600% increase from 2020 when it seized about 42 kilos.

Officials say “drugs are shipped throughout the country by way of El Paso,” and a new method being used by the cartels “is recruiting young adults to traffic drugs into El Paso. Millard said the same method is being used to smuggle ‘people’ across the border.”

The president’s vision is a bit blurry, at best.


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