‘Good’ to Norsmen alum Okuayinonu

This week’s column is dedicated to Mr. John Beach of Zim.

He passed away recently.

John served in the Air Force as a Heavy Equipment Maintenance.

He was discharged in 1962 with the rank of Airman 2nd Class.

Thank you for your service John.


This was an easy Good this week.

I stopped in at Mesabi Range College to speak with Norseman head football coach Tom Inforzato and assistant head coach Antavius Thomas to talk about former Mesabi Range player Sam Okuayinonu.

Sam is now a graduate student at Maryland and is putting up great numbers on the defensive side of the ball for the Terps.

“He originally popped up to me in a e-mail,“ Inforzato said. “It showed how quick he was so I passed him on to our defensive line coach.”

Okuayinonu came to Mesabi Range and really stood out on the defensive side of the ball and had Division I coaches interested.

“We had D-1 coaches here on campus all the time,” Inforzato said. “They wanted to learn about him on and off the field.”

Nobody had bad things to say about Okuayinonu. He played great football and went to class.

He is now a fifth year senior at Maryland is a graduate student majoring in African American studies and leads the Terps with five sacks.

“I really think he will be playing on Sundays,” Inforzato said. “He is an outstanding ball player and a great young man.”

Wanna check Okuayinou out? Turn on Fox, Saturday at 11 a.m. as Maryland takes on Ohio State. When the Terps take the field, look out for No. 97.


Finally, could you believe the weather we had on Tuesday?

I had a day off, took my lawn chair and went to watch the Mesabi Range and Vermilion baseball teams take the field in Virginia and just play some fall ball. It was 72 degrees with a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky.

Who won? I have no idea if the score was even kept.

Mesabi coach Chris Vito and Ironmen coach Tom Coombe were just able to get some players out on the field and get some work in.

Great job by both teams. You made my Tuesday.


So watching some college baseball on Tuesday afternoon led to watching the American League Wild Card game that evening with the New York Yankees taking on the Boston Red Sox.

I love watching baseball but when Alex Rodriguez is one of the announcers, that is where I have to draw the line. His back must have hurt yesterday.

He spent plenty of time carrying the Yankees. He whined about every umpire call.

He never had a good thing to say about the Red Sox or anything they did. Come on ESPN you’re better than that.



See bad… Yes, it was that bad.


The Good Bad and Ugly Trivia Challenge

The question last week was, “Who was the Athlete who won the 1976 state discus title in Minnesota?”

Only five readers knew it was Paul McDonald of Chisholm.

Sports card collector Tom Postudensek donated a beautiful Minnesota Timberwolves Jaden McDaniels Rookie Card for the prize this week.

“What team did the Timberwolves get McDaniels from?”

You have until Monday night to send in your guess.


That will do it for this week.

Don’t sweat the small stuff… It’s only sports.


Jimmy Laine can be reached at jimmylaine1010@gmail.com.


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