What if the people around you were part of your own personal garden of life meant to enhance your life bringing beauty, brightness, strength, love, and care into our days? We can relate to the plants and flowers in our garden as they remind us of people in our lives. Each one has a unique presence and play a role in our days.

Take the fern for example, they have a strong survival instinct and are very forgiving. This plant grows where other plants fail to thrive. We all have that fern in our lives who has made it through tough times and helps you through ups and downs. They forgive easily and are one of the strongest people you know. You sometimes wonder how they do it all and still remain so strong.

The perennial is not a one-size fit all; they have an array of colors, sizes, and textures. They are reliable and with some basic care and maintenance their longevity in your life makes them worthwhile. Having that person who opens your eyes to possibilities and shows you the other side of things is a great feeling. The person who does not give up and keeps showing up for you truly makes a difference.

Daisies must grow in specific areas – depending on the type – in order to prosper. Some like warmth and with lots of it they are able to stand tall and wild, definitely adding joy and love to your days. The daisy may be difficult to reach at times. However, once you discover the way a daisy works, you find they are creatures of habit. So know that even if they seem like they might now show up, be patient as you may find they are as they have always been.

The beautiful rose often stands out from others and people are drawn to its stunning beauty. You know the friend who is put together and beautiful and also has drive and stamina. We know that this person may need special care and lots of water - love - in order to maintain its stamina. Yet, seeing how beautiful they are when they bloom makes the extra care valuable.

The glorious shades of purple and soothing fragrance of lilacs has always reminded me of my grandma. When you are feeling anxious these bush plants can make you feel at ease. Plus, they are hardy and will be with you for the duration. They do not require a lot of maintenance or attention. Yet, they brighten up your days anyway and soothe your worries.

Sunflowers are bright and cheery. They love the sun and bring sunshine to others often just by looking at their sunny demeanor. They are popular and well-liked. It is vital that they receive lots of sunshine in order for them to show their true brilliance. They will follow the sunshine throughout the day. These are the positive people who shine in our lives.

Those who have gardens and care for plants and flowers know that each one is different. It is not always a magic formula to help them grow in the best way. Sometimes we water them too much and other times not enough. It can often become finding a perfect balance and making sure we provide nourishment when needed for each plant and flower to grow and flourish as much as possible.

Our relationships are also continuing to grow, mature, and bloom and often there are new seeds sprouting. I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine my garden without the beauty and presence that each one brings.

Information from GradeningKnowHow.com was used for this article


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