By Cal Warwas

Guest Columnist

I was busy tiling a shower stall a few days ago when the notification arrived: Jerry Burnes tweeted out a new story by our former Representative to Minnesota House 6B, Jason Metsa. Curious, as I am always at a guest column in our local paper, I stopped everything to read it.

Jason spoke to the horrible upset and violence at our nation’s Capital (lots to agree with there), but then quickly passed out blame for a lot of this at the feet of Republican lawmakers, entreating citizens to hold them "accountable,"specifically our Congressman in the Eighth District, Pete Stauber. Mr. Metsa was headlined stating, "Stauber should resign." I disagree, and here’s why:

First off, Stauber has roundly condemned the attacks in Washington and has never advocated for political violence. Before taking office and during his tenure as a police officer, Stauber was the victim of two violent gun crimes and is not one to take such things lightly.

Secondly, Metsa seeks to conflate the “law and order” message touted by Republicans during campaign season with the mayhem in D.C.

This is a pathetic assertion. Now you’re concerned about violence? Not a peep was heard from our former Democrat Rep. during the time Minneapolis was burning, Kenosha was under siege, and Seattle was occupied by thugs (in the now-infamous Capital Hill Autonomous Zone—CHAZ—for those who may have missed it). Each of these events negatively affected minority and ethnic groups, yet all had the Liberal Left cheering, praising the unrest in the country.

Personally, I feel all the rioters in our country should have been arrested and charged, including those at the Capitol, but we can be pretty well guaranteed the only stories that will be told regarding any meaningful litigation will be levied only against those perceived as a Trump follower or some stripe of Republicans. If law and order are suddenly palatable to mainstream Democrats in the wake of this carnage, then they ought to ensure the rules are applied equally to all, but I digress.

Oddly enough, when the perception was broad that President Trump would win re-election, there were cities carefully boarding up their downtown areas in case of more riots, though virtually no rioting happened when the Biden win was becoming clear. The threat was all but printed and mailed just a few months ago: Vote for Joe Biden, or we’re going to keep burning down America. Congratulations, Joe is now our President and will eagerly go about the business of transferring monies from working Americans to those mentioned above to pay for their ill-spent college years. Yep, because he’s for the working man — right?

As to the charge of signing on to "frivolous lawsuits" or "falsely questioning" the election, Jason should remember that were the circumstances reversed, the challenges of fraud would have come from the Democrats (and they have done, in the past). Bush vs. Gore there was litigation aplenty, and when a Republican wins, the next talking point becomes “the electoral college needs to be eliminated." (See Hillary Clinton, who paraded around for years saying the Orange Man was an illegitimate President). How interesting that when things cut to your favor, suddenly the Electoral College is a bastion of the democratic process and must not be tampered with (on this we agree, old friend). This is also a great time to recall that since the Supreme’s ruled in favor of Democrats, said Democrats applaud them for “doing their job.” Had things gone sideways for Mr. Biden at the Supreme Court, then you know the Supreme Court would have been derided as a sham, and stacked by the Evil Orange Man for just such an occasion.

Such is politics; this is not a new thing.

Pete Stauber voted to certify the Electors votes, as well he should have, and no harm was done by his earlier staunch support of President Trump, a President who supported this region and our mining industry and culture, both of which will likely be stripped away by the appointments now being made to the Biden Cabinet.

I was reminded of another reason I will continue my steadfast support of our Congressman in a subsequent article in the Mesabi Tribune. The complaint was made that Pete was against the “historic” appointment of a Native U.S. Representative, Deb Haaland, from New Mexico. How could a decent man like Stauber stand in the way of history being made? Simple, really: Pete is protecting the interests of his region, constituents, and the USA when he tries to stand in the way of Haaland. Per the Tribune, “Haaland was a co-sponsor of H.R. 5598, authored by Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., in 2020 that sought to withdraw more than 234,000 acres of the Superior National Forest from mining activity."

So history will bear him out that having her as Secretary of the Interior is detrimental to our economy, our future, and yes, our way of life. We need an Interior Secretary dedicated to the responsible use of public land that supports both nature and industry, and thereby supports our citizens. Fill-in-the-blank identity politics are not concerned about you, me, or even the Tribes – they are only concerned with the perception of equality and the aggrandizement of minority liberal viewpoints.

Much has been made about the Tribes being angry with Stauber for not consulting them first on his stance. Interesting. As my friend Michael Cole rightly points out: Why would he consult with the Tribes? They didn’t consult with him or any other lawmaker when they wrote a letter opposing copper-nickel mining. Deb Haaland is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, which is a job killer. I like seeing people gainfully employed, feeding their families, getting the pay they deserve, and providing the minerals our nation uses every hour of the day – we should all like that, shouldn’t we?

Jason Metsa has climbed out of relative political obscurity to criticize the best Congressman we’ve had for decades. Seeing as the Democratic party are already the majority and own the Presidency, his taking this tack is nothing but political opportunism. Metsa works at the pleasure of the state with Iron Range Resources — could he be looking for an even better appointment from our benevolent Governor? Or does he seek to re-engage in national politics and run against Stauber in ’22? I like political theatre, and it would guarantee a decent show too. Jason garnished fewer than 14 percent of the vote in the Eighth District against his liberal companions 2-1/2 years ago, whereas Pete Stauber was wildly popular in his latest election, surpassing Quinn Nystrom by over 75,000 votes, sailing to a victory that was won on the merits people appreciate him for and not because of his support for Trump. We need more leaders like Stauber, not less. In a time when Democrats will largely choose to push Republicans to the back of the bus, while claiming unity is essential, Pete will continue to work for all of us in the 8th , no matter the party affiliation.

In closing:

Please join the next race, Jason – I’ll bring the popcorn.


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