It would seem President Joe Biden's approval rating is melting quicker than an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

According to the latest polling from Gallup, Biden’s approval is at 42 percent.

Just how bad is that? Well, according to a story from CNN, his numbers at this point in his presidency are worse than every other president in history at the same point except one.

Orange Man Bad.

To be fair, the media and every established politician on both sides of the political fence hated Donald Trump from the moment it was announced he had vanquished Hillary Clinton to the dustbin of forgotten presidential runner-ups and spent nearly every minute of his term in office attempting to destroy him, whether he had it coming or not.

He never really had a shot at a positive presidential rating.

Biden, on the other hand, was anointed by the media — and eventually voters across this great nation — as the great savior and repairer of all that Trump had destroyed. A white-haired knight capable of not only putting Corn Pop in his place but leading the nation out of the four-year fog of Trump.

Relax, they said, good old Joe, loved by everyone, would bring years of experience to the job and Build America Back Better. He would kick COVID-19’s butt, repair the economy, get people working and usher in a whole new state of the Union.

Nine months into his presidency — which some would argue isn’t even his — his time at the top has so far been an abject failure filled with broken promises and dysfunctional leadership.

For a guy who claims he was the Vice President of the United States for 36 years - his words, not mine — you would think he’d be doing a better job.

So far, in my estimation — and apparently the estimation of more than half the country — it seems he has done little of note besides say crazy things, lose his way while trying to find the back door to the White House, and stumble up some stairs.

Gas, food and energy prices are rising daily, shelves are empty, the pandemic is still dominating the headlines, and ever since the travesty that was troop withdrawal in Afghanistan our standing in the world is nearing an all time low.

Forget about your hatred for Trump and ask yourself this question: Can you honestly say things are better now than they were even a year ago under the other guy?

CNN, in the middle of its own failures (up until a recent town hall feature the president drew a scant 1.2 million viewers, the network had failed to cross that mark for a month), is reporting that Biden's numbers have “fallen precipitously in Gallup polling over the last several months. As recently as June, 56% of the country approved of the job he was doing.”

Of course, CNN in a typical CNN way, does its best to defend the president, stating that “the reasons for Biden's polling decline is clear: A confluence of events including a disastrous pullout of American troops from Afghanistan, the surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant, ongoing supply chain issues and a focus on the continued struggles of the President and Democrats in Congress to pass the bulk of his domestic agenda.”

Some of those developments CNN says, most notably the emergence of the Delta variant — aren't Biden's fault.

Fair enough, when you’re president you pay the price for all things that happen under your watch, good or bad.

But his lack of popularity at this point goes beyond all that and eventually CNN and the rest of the mainstream media that bleeds blue will have to admit what Americans are finally starting to understand — Biden and his handlers sold voters a boat load of bull on their way to D.C.

He made a lot of promises and so far, has not followed through on some and completely abandoned others.

Iron Rangers who voted for the man — the kind who get up every morning and head to the local mines to work and earn a living, or those that make a living selling their goods and services to local miners — must really be scratching their heads at this point.

It would be interesting to see his approval ratings here after last week’s announcement that the U.S. Forest Service filed an application with the Bureau of Land Management for a “mineral withdrawal,” which would begin with a two-year comprehensive study of the likely environmental and other impacts of mining if it were permitted in the watershed that flows into the Boundary Waters.

That move, supported by the Biden administration, dealt a serious blow to the proposed Twin Metals copper-nickel mine in northeastern Minnesota, as the study could lead to a 20-year ban on mining upstream from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

This from the same guy who lavished praise on the Iron Range and mining during his campaign, and in September of 2020 said this on the eve of a campaign stop in Duluth: ​​“It must be part of the Arsenal of American Prosperity today, helping power an economic recovery for working families… We must recognize the contribution of union members who helped build decades of growth in our country.”

Fast forward a year later and in one fell swoop Biden and his people basically crushed the proposed $1.7 billion underground Twin Metals mine, and in turn, wiped out the potential for hundreds of union jobs.

Politics as usual.


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