My youngest daughter has a pet rabbit named Frank that I’ve been left to care for while she is away at college and after spending the last several weeks hanging with him on a regular basis, I’ve come to the conclusion that Frank and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo share a few of traits.

And maybe a brain.

How are they similar? Well, rabbits (Frank included) are known to be strong-minded and dominant and will not do anything they don’t want to. Some would say Cuomo, with all his machismo and wannabe Soprano mannerisms, is quite similar.

Becauseof that uncompromising nature, rabbits (and Cuomo) need to be watched at all times because their strong-willed personalities can lead to destructive behavior.

In Frank’s case, he likes to sneak behind the television stand when he thinks no one is looking in an attempt to chew on the cables. I know he knows it’s wrong, but I don’t think he really cares.

Most times when I catch him and start scolding him, he just sits completely motionless pretending nothing is happening and hoping I’ll eventually lose interest and go away.

Sort of the same way Cuomo and his aids reacted when Department of Justice officials started sniffing around about how they stuffed nursing homes and long-term care facilities with COVID-19 patients last year and exposed the most vulnerable segment of New York’s population (the elderly) to the deadly virus.

When it comes to Frank and his antics, I don’t fall for his games. I see what he is doing. It is as plain as day. So my job is to expose his bad behavior when my daughter is home or, when she’s not, to stop him from behaving that way.

If I ignore him like the New York press (particularly the New York Times) ignored Cuomo’s actions last year, then a number of bad things can happen.

In Frank’s situation, the most obvious result of this unchecked behavior is that if he bites through a cable or cord, the television won’t work. However, he could also electrocute himself and, perhaps worst-case scenario, his actions could lead to a fire that would burn down my house and maybe kill us all.

That would stink.

The mainstream media has basically ignored Cuomo's action, which from the outside looking in seem to have been horrific. It appears a lot of people died that might not have otherwise died while he and his team operated unchecked at the height of the pandemic last spring.

Here’s another way Cuomo is like my daughter’s rabbit — when caught red-handed in the act of being a bad boy, Frank, who has a bit of a temper and thinks he is above the law, will lash out at me, sometimes letting out a guttural growl while looking to take some flesh off my finger with his razer-sharp teeth.

Never-mind the old saying about biting the hand that feeds you, Frank thinks Frank is untouchable, thus he can do what he wants.

Sound familiar?

Cuomo, instead of taking any responsibility for his actions after it was revealed he and his staff tried to hide nursing home and LTC facility data to avoid the prying eyes of DOJ officials, has let his temper get the best of him, lashing out at Democrats in his home state that are now accusing him of obstruction of justice.

He went so far as to call one individual, Assemblyman Ron Kim, and threaten him with statements like “you will be destroyed,” and “you have not seen my wrath.”


Makes you wonder which one of these two is the one with the brain the size of a quarter — New York’s governor or a rabbit that likes to eat hay while pooping.

Cuomo, who technically should be more intelligent than Frank seems to work off of the same animal instincts as the rabbit when making decisions.

The difference is rabbits do the dumb things they do because they are curious and don’t know any better. Their instinct is to investigate anything they come into contact with, which can cause them to do things like chew on live wires or jump from unsafe heights.

Those actions do not make a rabbit dim-witted or stupid. They just get wrapped up in the excitement of a new escapade.

Those excuses don’t work for Cuomo — he is a human and should know better.

He either doesn’t know any better, or he just doesn’t care because his ego is so large that he can’t come to grips with the idea that he just might not be the smartest guy in the room.

Cuomo is certainly not at the top of the intelligence food chain and in fact he might be everything the left-leaning media pretended former President Trump was and worse.

At the very least, Cuomo comes from the same East Coach big shot mold as Trump: He’s a self-involved egomaniac, who, through his negligent leadership, may have killed thousands of elderly residents of New York that otherwise might still be here.

And what does he do when he’s caught? He sits completely still in hopes that those that caught him and are now asking questions will just move on and when they don’t, he lashes out.

I’ve seen Frank the rabbit show more empathy.


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