It would seem that the swamp known as Washington D.C. and all of its dirty inhabitants on the left and right are sending a message to Donald Trump or anyone else who dares tread into their murky waters – stay out.

The closer we get to election day, the clearer the picture gets.

At this point, Trump can’t even get a favorable decision out of a Supreme Court that features two hand-picked justices.

Former vocal supporters (at least on the surface) like the chameleon known as Lindsey Graham have gone silent and the release of a couple of books – one by a member of his own family – are painting a picture for the voting public of a president unfit for office.

Meanwhile, a pandemic of epic proportions is still raging throughout the United States and the world, the streets of some of biggest cities are burning, our men and women in blue have become the targets of hatred and violence, businesses both large and small are folding under the pressure of closures related to COVID-19, and millions of Americans are losing their homes, their savings, and their sanity as elected leaders – most notably from Trump’s own party – are nowhere to be found.

It appears the establishment that have run this country into the ground are willing to sacrifice life, liberty and everything in between in hopes that American voters will utter Trump’s famous television phrase, “You’re Fired,” at him from the voting booths come November.

Sure, the president still has a few cheerleaders left, but their voices are being drowned out by a chorus of anti-Trump sentiment – both real and manufactured by fake news and fake outrage - from coast-to-coast.

Whether the so-called silent majority – those too scared to vocalize their support of the president in public for fear of retribution - come through in the end is something we won’t know until after election day, but all signs are pointing toward Orange Man gone and old, feeble, lifetime politician and swamp dweller Joe Biden in.

That’s a sad trade.

What I find most interesting – or perhaps disturbing - about what we’ve seen happen in this country over the past few months is how obvious it is that the old guard have turned their backs on the president and, really, all Americans.

One could almost see it coming from a mile away, like a plot twist in a bad Robert DeNiro movie.

The rats that didn’t want Trump in Washington D.C. to begin with - but reluctantly jumped on board as he managed to create record economies and record-low unemployment numbers while pushing through his agenda items on trade and tax relief - are now jumping ship.

It’s convenient timing for sure but the world couldn’t have offered up a better scenario for Republicans more concerned about their lifetime gigs in congress to distance themselves from the first outsider to manage to break into their private club and shake things up.

Just when it seemed a foregone conclusion the bumbling and stammering bully Biden had no chance to upset a president surfing the highs of an economic tidal wave as Trump might say, the likes of which we have never seen, COVID-19 came swooping in straight from China, a country that at the time was reeling from the pressure of the President’s tariffs meant to equal the trade playing field between the two countries.

We will probably never know whether that is coincidence or conspiracy and even if the truth ever rears its ugly head, it will most likely be smudged and blurred and buried by a media hell bent on taking down the head of state and dividing America.

And then just when you thought things couldn’t get any lower, along comes a disgusting excuse for a human being named Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis Police officer who decides to choke a man to death on a city street with a knee to his neck after that man, George Floyd, allegedly tries to pass a counterfeit bill as the real thing at a local store.

It was a spark that led to this raging inferno.

Still, while one could argue those on the right are turning on Trump when he needs them most, and those on the left are taking advantage of the chaos on the streets to maximize political leverage, it’s also fair to say that the president hasn’t done much over the past few months to help his own cause.

His response to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the riots and violence that has become the norm since Floyd’s death, has been inconsistent and at times almost laughable.

Trump has looked presidential on certain occasions, calling for law and order and trying to remain positive as the deaths from COVID mount - but mostly his words have rung hollow because there has been no substance behind them.

However, in reality, congress has disappeared and can’t agree on anything anyway, so it is not like he could propose any meaningful legislation or offer any guidance for dealing with the issues of the day.

And even if he did, no one would listen at this point. The president and his team are on an island of their own in the middle of a swamp they didn’t create.


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