As a 73 year old native of the Iron Range, Marine Corps veteran, Steelworker, and having served as Councilman, Mayor and 20 years as a St. Louis County Commissioner, I am concerned about the lack of respect of those that don’t share the same values and opinions.

We on the Iron Range and rural Minnesota have long seen the impacts of Metro thinking impacting the way we live. In recent years there has been an incessant drumbeat of toxic rhetoric coming from extremists in the Democratic Party. Through DFL party resolutions, actions at the legislature and through actions at the Governor’s office, and DFL controlled bureaucracies, the DFL has sought to halt our mining operations, deny our future mining prospects, threatening our 2nd Amendment, and silence the opinions of those who dare to disagree. Certainly, the change in Washington, D.C., on January 20th will embolden those who want to limit free speech and use incendiary rhetoric against those they don’t agree with.

Despite the overwhelming support for President Trump and Congressman Stauber on the Iron Range and rural Minnesota, local Democrats and left-leaning print media are tripping over themselves to attack our/my Congressman and silence the voices of the people he represents. The vicious attacks from the Left and out of touch Socialists is political opportunism at its worst.

ALL Americans, whether Conservative, Liberal, Socialists, or Independents should care about election integrity. We must follow the Constitution, which has been an excellent road map for our country for 232 years (ratified September 1788). Judicial review and due process, like we have seen following the election is directly provided for within our Constitution. Those attacking Congressman Stauber for joining the Texas Amicus Brief are choosing political opportunism over the principles America was founded upon.

The deep divisions, hate, and unjust and vicious retaliation against those we don’t agree with will tear apart this Great State and Nation. I pray, literally, for a healing and unity in our Nation. This Constitutional Republic will not survive if we become a nation of elites that believe only our opinion matters and believe in an electoral process no better than a third-world country. An olive branch needs to be extended across the political aisles.

Congressman Stauber, we have your back because you have ours!

Mike Forsman



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