Felony traffic stop crash

No injuries resulted Wednesday from a crash in the 500 block of Second Avenue North that resulted after a felony traffic stop suspect allegedly fled law enforcement. The suspect was arrested and charged with three felonies.

VIRGINIA — A 44-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after a police pursuit and crash in Virginia, which stemmed from the report of an earlier shooting in the Bois Forte Police Department’s coverage area.

The man — Rustin Kent Hartland — was subsequently booked into the St. Louis County Jail on three felony charges — first-degree driving while impaired, fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and weapon possession-ineligible convicted of violent crime, a news release from Virginia Police Chief Nicole Mattson said.

Thursday morning’s news release said Virginia Police were notified of the shooting around 1:30 p.m. and that the vehicle involved was described as a 2003 green Nissan Xterra SUV.

The vehicle was located around 3:30 p.m. and Virginia Police officers attempted a felony traffic stop on the Nissa near Second Avenue South and Third Street.

“The driver of the vehicle fled the traffic stop and law enforcement and ultimately ended up in a traffic accident on the 500 block of 2nd Avenue North. There were no reported injuries at the time of the accident.

Hartland is currently being held in the St. Louis County Jail.

The Virginia and Bois Forte Police Department were not available for further comment.


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