COOK — There is a new game in the town of Cook: “The Art Scavenger Hunt.” Art pieces from Cook area artists are on display along River Street in Cook.

To play this game created by Jim DeVires, all you need to do is find the 19 objects hidden along River Street. The objects will be hidden between Highway 53 and the Little Fork River and are all visible from outside the area businesses. Each piece is secured in place so it will be available for everyone to find for years to come, so please do not remove or destroy them. While you are on the hunt, stop in and check out some of the great local establishments found in the wonderful little town. The project was funded through a “stART on Main Street” grant distributed by the City of Cook, Springboard for the Arts, Rethos and the McKnight Foundation.

The following artists created the scavenger artwork for this game:

Jim DeVries, Alberta Whitenack, Karen Spotts, Caleb Thom, Jeanne O'Melia, Sue Rauchenfeld, Carol Bowman, Elsie Hyppa, Lyn and Mark Reed, Vicki Nelson, Klara DeVries and Todd Merten.

The Scavenger Hunt Clues are:

Item #1 – Photography is an art form. Just don’t use a camera in art gallery.

Item#2 – Fire can sometimes create beautiful art.

Item #3 – Glittering beads dress up twigs if done correctly.

Item #4 – A little snow in the forest can be pretty.

Item #5 – This little fairy is the queen of recycling.

Item #6 – Rub my horn for good luck if you can find me.

Item #7 – Let the sun shine and I will be easier to find.

Item #8 – Minnesota’s king of fish! Catch one that is bigger than me.

Item #9 – A Birch forest shines brighter with a pretty sunset.

Item #10 – Catching northern pike in the winter can involve an art form.

Item #11 – Minnesota’s unofficial state bird.

Item #12 – Metal can become sharp in the hands of an artist.

Item #13 – Landscapes in the round.

Item #14 – Even in the dark the forest can be beautiful.

Item #15 – Only little girls are allowed on the Pergola. Listen for me if you can’t see me.

Item #16 – A chiseled face can be work of art.

Item #17 – In the hands of artists a little dirt from the earth can be beautiful.

Item #18 – Blooming year around the colors are amazing.

Item #19 – Paddington is my distant cousin.

If you are struggling to find an object, they were hidden in chronological order, so look between the ones you have already found. Good Luck! You found them all, now what? Once you have found all 19 objects, stop in to the Northwoods Friends of the Arts (behind the Dream Weaver Salon) on River Street to collect a small token for playing along. The Northwoods Friends of the Arts is open Thursday and Friday from 10-4 and Saturday from 9-1. Enjoy the gallery while you are there! It’s the Susan Martin Memorial Member show in October. Contact NWFA at or the website at NWFAMN.ORG.


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