VIRGINIA — A convicted sex offender accused of stabbing a man last year after allegedly trying to steal a child’s toys will avoid prison time after a plea agreement was approved Monday.

Aaron Joshua Hendrickson, 39, accepted felony charges of making terroristic threats stemming from a September 2019 incident on the 500 block of 1st Avenue South in Virginia.

As part of the plea deal, prosecutors dismissed second-degree assault charges and received credit for one year served in St. Louis County Jail and a durational departure of 19 months that will keep him from Department of Corrections custody following sentencing next month.

“The defendant will be released at the date of sentencing and the State will abide by the recommendations contained with the presentence investigation report,” the agreement reads. “It is the intention of both the State and the defendant, that the defendant will not be required to serve any time with the Commissioner of Corrections after the date he is sentenced.”

Hendrickson is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 5 by Sixth Judicial District Judge Robert C. Friday.

The Sept. 26, 2019, incident, according to a press release from the Virginia Police Department, began when officers responded to reports of a stabbing near the 500 block of 1st Avenue South. They spoke to a man, who told them he was at home when his 8-year-old son said someone was stealing his toys.

The father, identified in the release as A.E.M., said he saw Hendrickson standing near the residence and holding two of his son’s toys. A.E.M. approached Hendrickson and asked him what he was doing.

Hendrickson allegedly told him that he was taking the toys, but A.E.M. snapped back saying he was not going to take them. Hendrickson allegedly “freaked out” and pulled a knife from his waistband,” the statement reads. A.E.M. said he tried to back away, but ultimately fell, which is when Hendrickson allegedly jumped on top of him and swung the knife toward him.

A.E.M. was mostly successful in blocking the knife, receiving a cut on his finger. According to the criminal complaint filed with the Sixth Judicial District court in Virginia, A.E.M. picked up a metal bar and chased Hendrickson, who came at the victim with the knife a second time.

Hendrickson fled into a wooded area near Railroad Avenue, according to police, who initiated a K-9 search. Teddy, the Virginia K-9 unit, located Hendrickson on his back and hiding.

Hendrickson was in possession of a knife that contained a sheath, the statement reads.

According to Minnesota Public Criminal records, Hendrickson has a long history of felony charges dating back to a 1998 conviction of sexually assaulting a child in Wisconsin. He was convicted of bail jumping that same year and served prison time in 2012, 2013 and 2016.

In 2006, Hendrickson was convicted twice of felony violation of the sex offender registry, felony burglary and felony escape as a felon, all in Wisconsin. In 2013, he was convicted of felony violation of the sex offender registry in Wisconsin, and again in 2018 in Virginia.


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