‘Clothes optional’party time

“Clothes optional” private parties at the Coates Plaza Hotel in Virginia were raised at last week’s Virgina City Council’s meeting. The council’s

Street/Alley/Public Safety Committee will consider the issue Tuesday morning.

VIRGINIA — The Virginia Street/Alley/Public Safety Committee on Tuesday will consider a curb cut, an alley reroute and a signage issue.

Oh yes, they’ll also discuss “clothing optional” private sexy pool parties with nude swimming and water volleyball at the Coates Plaza Hotel.

The issue of a “SpookTacular” “Sexy Halloween Bash” Oct. 23-24 at the Coates Plaza Hotel put on by a company that holds events and works out of the “clothing optional” Two Creeks Campground in Sandstone, Minn., was raised at last Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Terry Hartikka, pastor at the Cornerstone Family Church on Chestnut Street in the former Maco Theater who also videotapes government meetings, addressed the council during the public forum.

He definitely had the mayor and councilors’ attention as he talked of the private sex parties that, according to the Two Creeks Campground website, have been ongoing in Virginia for several years.

Hartikka said he was “uncomfortable” bringing up the issue, but had talked with other ministers about the parties.

“We can’t believe and are stunned this is happening in our community,” he said. “I’m asking if the City Council can weigh in on this. I know it’s a very sensitive issue.”

Hartikka said those concerned about the parties are worried about secondary effects, including the potential for a sexual assault.

If Hartikka was uncomfortable talking about the parties, he had company with the mayor and councilors. They were definitely taken aback by what he had to say, even though some of them had a heads-up about Hartikka’s remarks.

There have also been rumors of such private get-togethers in the city for some time. But rumors are one thing; comments at a public meeting are quite another.

The Two Creeks Campground website still has an advertisement for the pre-Halloween party in Virginia online.

It says registration is required. On Friday, Oct. 23, there was a “Bar Meet and Lingerie Party,” and the next day a “Pool Party, Sexy Halloween Party.”

It also says those attending “can swim in the buff.” The website also has some fairly explicit photos of past parties. A clothing optional “Pink Passion Hotel Poolside Takeover” in Virginia is advertised for Feb. 12-14.

Coates manager Cory Tracksel said, “The Coates Plaza Hotel doesn’t discriminate against any customers. We abide by all the laws of the city and state and the state Health Department code.”

Tracksel said Coates management is “working to improve the property and make it better for the city.

“We pay our taxes and provide jobs and do our best to improve the hotel. We have thousands of customers each year and they are pleased with their stay and our staff.”

City Attorney Tom Butorac said in a telephone interview that he will check with Police Chief Dennis Benz and also with the League of Minnesota Cities.

“Because they are private parties, it’s difficult to craft anything on it. Don’t really know what they (councilors) want,” Butorac said.

The city attorney said he hasn’t received any complaints about the parties.

The committee meeting Tuesday is at 9 a.m. — clothing required.


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