Derek Edward Malevich

VIRGINIA — Homicide charges were filed Friday against Derek Edward Malevich, 40, after he allegedly stabbed a woman to death inside his Virginia apartment Wednesday.

Authorities confirmed the victim to be Kristen Ann Bicking, 32. Malevich has been charged with second-degree intentional murder for allegedly stabbing Bicking to death inside his apartment before fleeing the scene after calling 911 dispatchers to report the incident.

Malevich made his first court appearance on the charge Friday in front of District Judge Robert C. Friday. He is scheduled for a Rule 8 initial appearance at 8:50 a.m. Monday, May 17, with Judge Andrew R. Peterson.

Public Defender Bruce Williams was assigned to Malevich, who is being held in St. Louis County Jail on $1 million bail.

Authorities identified Bicking as the alleged victim in a separate domestic abuse case against Malevich dating back to September 2020, according to public records detailing a restraining order and confirmed by the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office. Malevich was set to plead guilty to domestic abuse charges on May 17, stemming from last year’s incident in which he allegedly shoved his ex-girlfriend against a wall, punched her numerous times, and when she fell on the ground began choking her.

Public filings did not indicate what charges Malevich planned to plead guilty to next week, but he is now accused in the violent death of Bicking after an incident on Wednesday, where charges accuse him of stabbing the woman multiple times in the head and neck.

According to charging documents filed Friday, 911 dispatchers received a call from a person identifying himself as Malevich, who requested an ambulance to the 100 block of Fifth Street South in Virginia, where he reported that someone was stealing from him. Malevich claimed he bashed the person’s head in and stabbed them before realizing it was ex-girlfriend, Bicking, and thought she might be dead.

The Virginia Police Department responded a few minutes after the 2:19 a.m. call and found a female laying on a couch in the living room with multiple stab wounds to her face and next, a shallow pulse and labored breathing. She was transferred to a local hospital and pronounced dead.

Malevich was not at the apartment, determined to be his residence, when authorities arrived and a search began. Law enforcement learned a call was placed to his father from a hotel in Virginia and at 8:46 p.m. responded to the location with several agents, according to charging documents.

They found the hotel room No. 318 was registered to Malevich and set up a perimeter, but found it empty though recently occupied. Virginia Deputy Chief Chad Nickila was reportedly stationed outside and witnessed a male matching Malevich’s description exit the building and apprehended him.

At the St. Louis County Jail in Virginia, Malevich allegedly said he went home, walked into his kitchen and was “punched in the face” and attacked by two people. He told authorities he grabbed a knife near the sink and “started stabbing and smashing” before one person fled the apartment.

Malevich said he turned on a light and discovered the other person to be Bicking, called 911 and left the scene tossing the knife and his newly-smashed phone into the dumpster. He alleged that Bicking cheated on him and indicated he hoped to change her.

According to charging documents, Malevich did not have any injuries and officers located only one droplet of blood in the kitchen where he alleges he was attacked. The rest of the blood found on scene was located on or near the couch where Bicking was located.

An autopsy of Bicking confirmed multiple “sharp and blunt force injuries” to her head and neck and five stab wounds to her back, characterized as a homicide and the result of homicidal violence.

Malevich was set to plead guilty to domestic violence charges on Monday stemming from the September 2020 incident when he allegedly threw Bicking up against a wall, punched her in the head three times and “choked” her for about 15 seconds before not leaving the scene for more than an hour.

Charging documents in that case indicated Bicking had “injuries consistent with her statement” that included a bump on the forehead “larger than a golf ball, crusted blood on her face and nose, blood on her clothes and red/purple-colored marks on her neck.”

A no-contact order was approved last year, but details on the plea agreement were yet public at the time of Bicking’s murder.

At the time of the domestic incident, Bicking told authorities that they had broken up after he accused her of cheating on him, and that she went to the apartment to collect money he allegedly owed her. She told authorities they had been “on and off” for about seven months.

Malevich faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted of second-degree murder. He faced up to a little more than three months on the 2020 domestic abuse charges.


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