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This year we will have a bonus virtual challenge to help readers exercise those life-long learning skills. The goal is to grow as a person and gain new hobbies, insights, and ways of looking at things. Check our Facebook every week for fresh challenges and content!

Fall Reading runs until September 25, and is for readers of all ages.

There will be 7 challenges in total, each with its own theme; New Genre, Classic Book, New Skill, Culture & Diversity, Award Winner, Foreign Author, Biography & History. Plus plenty of other activities like online videos and Take Home kits!

Participate and complete the challenge and you will be entered into a drawing for prizes at the end of each week. Sign up online and let us know when you complete each challenge.

Do you have what it takes to be a Super Reader? Take the Hibbing Public Library’s Fall Reading Challenge!

Next weeks’ challenge: Foreign Author

Select and read a book written by a non-American author. The challenge this week will be to learn about experiences in other countries and gain a more worldly point-of-view. When you’re finished with your book, just tell us what you learned.

Library Ty’s Word of the Week


A jabroni is a performer whose primary role is to intentionally lose to established talent. The term comes from professional wrestling. Because of the way wrestling jabronis are portrayed, it has also evolved to mean an obnoxious or contemptible person. In other words, a jabroni is a loser, a fall guy, a “tomato can.”

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