SUMMARY OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE ITASCA COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS REGULAR SESSION OCTOBER 26, 2021 Per Minnesota State Statute 375.12, the full text of the Official Proceedings is available for public inspection in the Itasca County Administrator’s Office of the Itasca County Courthouse in Grand Rapids, Minnesota; on the Itasca County website (; or by standard or electronic mail. The Itasca County Board of Commissioners met in Regular Session on October 26, 2021, in the Boardroom of the Itasca County Courthouse, 123 NE 4th Street, Grand Rapids, MN. Chair Ives called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and all members present. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Trunt/Snyder pulled Item #5.3 (Eminent Domain on CSAH 60), added Item #6.9 (Approve Service Contract for Bass Lake Park), and approved the agenda, as amended. All aye. MINUTES APPROVAL Tinquist/Snyder approved the minutes of the Tuesday, October 19, 2021 County Board Work Session. All aye. CONSENT AGENDA Snyder/DeNucci approved the Consent Agenda, as amended. All aye. CITIZEN INPUT No citizen input provided. RECOGNITION OF COUNTY EMPLOYEES The following employees were recognized: Terri Friesen, Paul Provinzino, Holly Rasley, Ryan Senne, and Gabe Wood. COMMISSIONER WARRANTS DeNucci/Tinquist approved Commissioner Warrants with a check date of October 15, 2021, in the amount of $1,984,826.21. All aye. ICHHS WARRANTS Trunt/Snyder approved the Itasca County Health and Human Services (ICHHS) Department Warrants for October 2021, in the amount of $757,511.98. All aye. COVID-19 UPDATE Public Health Division Manager Kelly Chandler provided a situational and informational update regarding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in Itasca County, including information regarding vaccination roll-out. If you have questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, please call the Public Health Hotline at (218) 327-6784, visit, or contact First Call for Help/211 at (218) 326-8565. The item was discussed for informational purposes only; no action taken. COUNTY BASED PURCHASING (IMCARE) DIVISION UPDATE/ PRESENTATION QI/UM Director Alexis Martire provided a County Based Purchasing (IMCare) Division update, including information regarding 2022 Supplemental Benefits, for informational purposes only; no action taken. ITASCA COUNTY OUTDOOR RECREATION TOURISM STRATEGY PROJECT Ives/Snyder adopted the Resolution Re: Support of Application to FY2021 ARPA Tourism Funding Opportunity, which supports the Visit Grand Rapids application and grant request and approves the use of American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funds in the amount of $40,000 from Itasca County in 2022. All aye. 2022 LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES It was the consensus of the County Board to direct department heads to communicate 2022 legislative priorities to County Administrator Brett Skyles by 12 noon on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. APPROVE SERVICE CONTRACT FOR BASS LAKE PARK Trunt/DeNucci approved a service contract with Gilbert Contracting Services, Inc. for campsite development with a not-to-exceed amount of $31,779.75, and authorized necessary signatures. All aye. COMMISSIONER COMMENTS Commissioner Snyder provided comment regarding interest to have Canisteo and Hill Annex Mine Updates from Michael Liljegren with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at an upcoming County Board meeting. CLOSED SESSIONS ADJOURNMENT Chair Ives adjourned the meeting at 3:24 p.m. ATTEST Burl Ives, Chair of the County Board Brett Skyles, Clerk of the County Board ITASCA COUNTY WARRANT FOR PUBLICATION Warrants approved for payment October 2021 SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 318 2,555,407.94 KERN & TABERY INC 615,471.02 SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 316 535,052.43 BOUNDARY COMPANY 412,550.38 KGM CONTRACTORS INC 406,397.18 SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 317 389,443.07 TNT CONSTRUCTION GROUP LLC 352,525.30 MCCOY CONSTRUCTION & FORESTRY INC 341,600.55 TNT AGGREGATES LLC 299,162.62 S & R REINFORCING, INC 270,397.51 VEIT & COMPANY INC 263,049.25 WILLIAM J SCHWARTZ & SONS INC 235,209.27 WASTE MANAGEMENT 210,893.02 SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 319 209,754.21 EDWARDS OIL INC 99,663.45 ZUERCHER TECHNOLOGIES LLC 93,360.72 AMERICAN DISPOSAL 81,244.55 HAWKINSON CONSTRUCTION CO INC 78,851.23 JAMAR COMPANY/THE 71,677.33 CONTEGRITY GROUP 70,067.99 NORTHERN NATURAL GAS COMPANY 66,339.54 DVG LLC 61,481.37 SAINT LOUIS COUNTY AUDITOR 56,526.44 HUNT ELECTRIC CORPORATION 55,655.00 KEMBLE INCORPORATED 45,843.75 ADVANCED CORRECTIONAL HEALTHCARE INC 45,388.12 CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS INC 44,635.47 HONEYWELL INC 44,152.67 CLIFTON LARSON ALLEN LLP 43,260.00 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE LLC 40,992.68 MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE 37,912.50 MINNESOTA COUNTIES INFORMATION 37,424.00 CITY OF NASHWAUK 34,597.08 UNIVERSITY OF MINN/ REGENTS OF THE 32,382.40 GRAND RAPIDS PUBLIC UTILITIES 29,867.21 ANOKA COUNTY TREASURY OFFICE 28,600.00 FUTURE FORESTS INC 27,054.90 BRAUN INTERTEC CORPORATION 25,075.50 DIAMOND MOWERS INC 22,024.52 MOORE OUTDOOR SERVICES 20,843.74 RTY CONSTRUCTION 19,988.00 BROTHERS FIRE PROTECTION CO. 19,249.00 CITY OF TACONITE 18,796.57 TOWN OF ARBO 17,610.73 DORHOLT TILE AND HOME CENTER 16,341.00 MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN 16,094.86 ROYAL TIRE INC 15,863.27 SCENIC RANGE NEWSFORUM 15,414.54 TOWN OF SPANG 15,184.00 TOWN OF GREENWAY 14,482.61 AITKIN COUNTY SHERIFF 14,175.00 KNOWBE4, INC 14,107.50 ITASCA COUNTY AUDITOR TREASURER 13,775.80 AT&T MOBILITY 13,444.04 ENTERPRISE FM TRUST 12,966.99 HSI WORKPLACE COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS, INC. 12,780.00 AITKIN COUNTY AUDITOR 12,302.00 MEDS 1 AMBULANCE SERVICE INC 11,957.04 STREICHERS PROF POLICE EQUIP 11,882.30 CORE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PA 11,740.00 KOOCHICHING COUNTY AUDITOR 11,417.00 THOMSON REUTERS 10,606.91 PRT USA INC 10,512.60 LOFFLER COMPANIES INC 9,308.09 INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANT COMPANY 9,271.57 LAKE COUNTRY POWER 8,981.59 RYHTI CONSTRUCTION EXCAVATING 8,500.00 TRUENORTH STEEL, INC 8,442.80 GENERAL WASTE & RECYCLING, LLC 8,431.44 NEPCON, LLC 8,300.00 RIEGER LOGGING 8,116.96 CARQUEST AUTO PARTS - GR 7,716.97 SEH - SHORT ELLIOTT HENDRICKSON INC 7,550.00 ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS 7,280.00 DALCO 7,213.93 R & R RENTAL INC 6,965.89 MISSION CRITICAL CONCEPTS LLC 6,825.00 SCOTTS HELICOPTER SERVICES INC 6,811.68 NORTH ITASCA ELECTRIC CO-OP 6,601.17 PAUL BUNYAN COMMUNICATIONS 6,548.79 DSC COMMUNICATIONS 6,339.36 SCHULZE/RACHEL 6,080.80 INSIGHT PUBLIC SECTOR 5,943.53 TOWN OF LAWRENCE 5,691.00 B & P WEED CONTROL 5,625.00 TOWN OF GOODLAND 5,580.00 EXPRESS SERVICES INC 5,529.68 LAW OFFICE OF BILL L THOMPSON 5,525.00 ROSS LAW PLLC 5,525.00 WEIS LEGAL SOLUTIONS LLC 5,525.00 SBA STRUCTURES LLC 5,286.74 WASTE MANAGEMENT 5,280.59 KRONOS SAASHR INC 5,174.10 COPELAND, DAVID 4,960.00 JOE’S GARAGE ON 169 LLC 4,932.68 BAICH/DR MICHAEL V 4,910.00 FRONTIER PRECISION INC 4,887.00 TOWN OF WILDWOOD 4,842.00 BURGGRAFS ACE HARDWARE 4,696.63 APG MEDIA OF MN LLC 4,688.40 FERRELLGAS 4,656.22 JPJ ENGINEERING INC 4,550.00 HOPKINS ELECTRIC 4,493.00 DASH MEDICAL GLOVES 4,265.50 NTS - NORTHEAST TECHNICAL SERVICES 4,134.00 ITASCA YOUTH FOR CHRIST 4,115.00 NYBACK/DAVID 3,842.00 GILL REPROGRAPHICS INC 3,770.18 MINNESOTA BUREAU OF CRIMINAL 3,740.00 JONES LAW OFFICE 3,705.00 ZIEGLER INC 3,616.83 MINNESOTA OFFICE OF MNIT SERVICES 3,591.41 STATE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS 3,559.09 TOWN OF FEELEY 3,556.00 XEROX CORPORATION 3,555.87 ITASCA COUNTY AUDITOR-TREAS 3,551.27 MIDWEST MONITORING & SURVEILLANCE 3,486.50 TAPCO 3,410.00 WIDSETH SMITH NOLTING & ASSOC., INC. 3,340.32 EDWARDS LAPLANT CONSTRUCTION INC 3,320.00 NORTHERN STAR CO-OP SERVICES 3,314.68 MINUTEMAN PRESS 3,314.46 BLAINE BROTHERS 3,290.99 L & M SUPPLY INC 3,279.16 EMERGENCY AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGIES INC 3,035.49 SCHAUER CONCRETE INC 3,000.00 BIG PICTURE UNLIMITED, INC 2,916.67 LOREN SOLBERG CONSULTING LLC 2,875.00 QUALITY REFRIGERATION AND 2,838.70 ABOVE ALL AUTO & TOWING 2,741.18 OFFICE DEPOT 2,651.60 BOISE WHITE PAPER LLC 2,553.28 NEWMAN SIGNS INC 2,533.20 TJ TOWING 2,336.00 RAPID ROOTER INC 2,315.00 UNITED RENTALS (NORTH AMERICA) INC 2,302.00 BOYER TRUCKS 2,241.64 KOZY-KMFY 2,205.76 MSC 2,168.22 SANDSTROMS COMPANY 2,124.88 A-Z ELECTRIC INC 2,100.00 KS STATE BANK 2,099.79 JIMS AUTO REPAIR 2,089.73 RAPIDS PRINTING & GRAPHIC DESIGN INC 2,079.60 SHADOW TECH, LLC 2,010.57 264 Vendors Less than $2000 154,414.67 145 Vendors 9,103,091.85 409 Vendors Final Total 9,257,506.52 HR November 24, 2021...10489 Grand Rapids Herald Review