NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TOWN OF WHITE ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MN NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON VACATION OF A PORTION OF THE ROAD RIGHT-OF-WAY ON LAKE COURT PURSUANT TO MINNESOTA STATUTE ยง412.851 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, the Town Board of White Township, St. Louis County, Minnesota will conduct a public hearing on the 2nd day of December, 2021 at 4:30 PM at the City/Town Government Center located at 16 W 2nd Avenue N., Aurora, MN for the purpose of considering and acting upon a petition it received calling for the vacation of the following portion of road right-of-way described as: The edge of the CuI-De-Sac that abuts Lot 9, Block 1, Scenic Acres Platt (Section 12, Township 58 North, Range 16 West) All persons interested in this matter are encouraged to attend the hearing. The tracts of land through which said road passes and the owners and occupants thereof, as nearly as we can determine, are as follows: Richard Krueger Lots 4-5, Block 1, Scenic Acres Pam Thomas Lots 6-7, Block 1, Scenic Acres Robert Rutka Lot 8, Block 1, Scenic Acres Kent Dickenson Lot 9, Block 1, Scenic Acres Jeff Coughlin Lot 10, Block 1, Scenic Acres William Maki Lot 11, Block 1, Scenic Acres Greg Debevec Lot 12, Block 1, Scenic Acres David Scott Lot 13, Block 1, Scenic Acres James Luke Lot 14, Block 1, Scenic Acres Interested persons may attend and be heard regarding this matter. Dated: November 15, 2021 /s/Jodi L. Knaus Jodi L. Knaus Clerk, Town of White Mesabi Tribune: 11-24; 12-1-2021 Mesabi Tribune