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SAN FRANCISCO and EDINA, Minn., April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Irrigreen launched its Irrigreen 2 irrigation system that prints water evenly and with greater accuracy to any shape yard. Founded by an ink jet printer inventor who re-imagined what water efficient irrigation could be, Irrigreen has software in every sprinkler head to optimize and conserve water. If widely deployed, Irrigreen has created a new way to save an estimated 17 trillion gallons of water.

Celebrity VC, Tim Draper backer of Skype, Tesla, SpaceX, and Hotmail selected Irrigreen as a semi-finalist for the "Meet the Drapers" TV show, remarking on the show "Irrigreen… was fantastic. You're making the world better by making sure water is not wasted". As part of the show, Irrigreen launched a new equity crowd funding campaign through Republic that allows anyone to invest in the company for as little as $150

Irrigreen uses software-controlled precision sprinkler heads that print water uniformly to the exact shape of landscape, reducing unnecessary water usage. The product is centered around patent protected technology, using software techniques from inkjet printing to water lawns with digital accuracy, conserving a limited and costly natural resource that will be in shorter supply as the western US enters a new drought.

Current smart sprinkler controllers only turn off and on wasteful mechanical sprinkler heads. Irrigreen includes a smart sprinkler head with intelligence to print the water in any shape with a smart controller that uses micro-climate weather data to create individual watering plans for each section of landscaping.

Irrigreen 2.0 Digital Heads will be available starting 04/01/2021, at $230 each. For more information and free quote click Irrigreen Smart Sprinklers. Or see the robotic digital sprinklers in action.

About Irrigreen: Irrigreen is based in San Francisco, California and Edina, Minnesota. Learn more at Irrigreen Smart Sprinklers

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