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MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In the spirit of camaraderie and support throughout the creative community, global humanitarian organization, Alight, in collaboration with Burners Without Borders, renowned architect and designer, Ronald "RAEL" Rael, and filmmaker, Kai Schoenhals, has embarked upon igniting a global movement to transform migrant shelters and create sustainable change along the US/Mexico border in a program called A Little Piece of Home. The initiative will be unveiled February 6, 2021 during a virtual fundraising event featuring: an interactive cooking demonstration with activist, food educator and innovator, Chef Charles Michel; the premiere of A Little Piece of Home/Pedacito de la Tierra, a documentary short film by award-winning Director, Lina Lyte Plioplyte; and an in-depth Q&A with project contributors.

"Through the connection of food and storytelling, the goal of this virtual event is to deepen the understanding of migrant populations and to unite communities across borders in a deep, human-centered way," said Alight Director of the Americas, Annie Nolte-Henning. "It's Alight's purpose to serve every individual no matter their circumstances, everyone needs space – to nourish, to rest, to dream - everyone deserves A Little Piece of Home."

Chef Michel will lead an interactive cooking demonstration highlighting a family-friendly recipe traditionally made in a horno, similar to the one designed and built by RAEL and members of the community at Casa da Misericordia, the first shelter transformed as part of this program.

"Food has been at the center of families, communities and societies for hundreds of years, today, however, most of us have lost our connection to food and our agricultural roots," said Chef Charles Michel. "This virtual event allows families from around the world to come together, share in the joy of cooking a meal while learning about A Little Piece of Home and enjoy that meal with one another."

Guests will engage in meaningful conversation and share a meal with project collaborators and families currently living at the shelter on their migrant journey. The event will conclude with the premiere of A Little Piece of Home/Pedacito de la Tierra.

'"Hope' guides our film about a shelter in Nogales, a border city, where we were welcomed by hundreds of migrants who journeyed across the Americas with a common dream of crossing that border," said A Little Piece of Home Executive Producer, Kai Schoenhals. "Our story follows this community building, cooking and breaking bread together,  as members of all ages share thoughts and ideas about their futures."

Register here to attend the event on February 6, 2021. Learn more about Alight's work and A Little Piece of Home along the U.S./Mexico border, at

Established in 1978 by founder Neal Ball, Alight, formerly known as American Refugee Committee, provides health care, clean water, shelter, protection and economic opportunities to more than 3.5 million people in 19 countries each year. Alight believes in the incredible creativity, potential and ingenuity of the displaced and works to shine a light on their humanity, the tremendous amount of good that's already happening and the possibilities to do more. In 2020, Alight received the prestigious 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator for the tenth consecutive year, celebrating a decade of impactful work. The organization exists to see and help every person make meaningful change in the world – from displaced and marginalized communities in Africa, Asia and the Americas to...anyone, anywhere.

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